Investigation ordered into ‘disturbing’ and ‘messed up’ detention of black army officer in Virginia

The Governor of Virginia has pledged a full investigation after footage of two police officers shooting guns to detain a black army officer and spraying pepper on his face.

Lieutenant Caron Nazario, a black and Latino American, asked a policeman with a gun to get out of the car, so he repeatedly asked what was wrong and said, “This is really a mess.”

Police accused him of not cooperating.

Mr. Nazario, in military uniform, did not have a permanent license plate and was driving a newly purchased SUV when police ordered him to pull, news reports said.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said in a statement on Sunday that he had instructed police to conduct an “independent investigation” of the case, which “confused and offended me.”

US police have been hit by multiple allegations of racism and illegal activity, including the death of a black man in Minneapolis last year in an internationally angry case.

Police officers are currently being tried for the death of George Floyd for manslaughter and murder.

According to the Washington Post, Virginia National Guard health officer Nazario was pulled home on December 5 by car.

After Mr. Nazario filed a proceeding for US $ 1 million in damages on April 2, footage from a police officer’s body camera and Mr. Nazario’s phone spread rapidly over the weekend.

He was released without charge after the incident.

The proceedings allegedly threatened to end his military career if police spoke of police officers’ actions.

“We must continue to work to ensure that Virginians are safe, law enforcement is fair and impartial, and people are held accountable during police interactions,” Northam said. He said.

Place of originInvestigation ordered into ‘disturbing’ and ‘messed up’ detention of black army officer in Virginia

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