Introducing Zip HydroTap UltraCare. Proven to deliver 99.9% reduction in Legionella*

As regulations and requirements for the supply and management of drinking water in health and geriatric care facilities are tightened, Zip’s innovative technology and rigorous quality assurance process ensure that pure tasting water is delivered every time. I will.

Bacteria found naturally like Legionella It is a serious concern in health and geriatric care facilities.Clients with weakened or weakened immunity may be at increased risk Legionella infection.

Zip HydroTap UltraCare uses a multi-barrier approach with several systematic and local controls to reduce aquatic organisms and pathogens, including: Legionella.. These barriers reflect the best practice approach described in the enHealth guidelines. Legionella Control (2015).

The entire system has been individually tested to ensure that it meets the highest quality and performance standards.

Zip HydroTap UltraCare: Multi-barrier system for prevention and control Legionella And other aquatic bacteria.

1. MicroPurity ™ carbon-free filtration reduces aquatic organisms and pathogens

Zip HydroTap UltraCare uses state-of-the-art carbon-free filtration technology to filter and reduce impurities larger than 0.2 microns and potentially harmful contaminants (impurities that fit 250 times in the hair).

2. SteriTouch® Protection within the main water contact surface reduces surface bacteria by 99.99% **

SteriTouch is impregnated inside the material that comes into contact with HydroTap UltraCare’s main channels, reducing surface bacterial levels and providing effective protection against a wide range of bacteria, including: Salmonella, VRE (Vancomycin-resistant enterococci), CPE (Carbapenem producing Enterobacteriaceae), Legionella, Black mold growth, biofilms and fungi.

3. MicroPurity UV-C LED disinfection module to reduce pathogens

HydroTap UltraCare incorporates a MicroPurity UV-C LED module at the outlet of the cold water tank. UV-C photons penetrate cells and damage nucleic acids, making cells microbiologically inactive or unable to replicate without the use of harmful chemicals or alterations in taste. .. MicroPurity UV-C LED modules have been individually tested and certified to relevant NSF and WaterMark performance standards.

WQANSF55 Class B test report and NSF55 Class B list.

4. Life cycle maintenance plan Legionella Control

Regular maintenance is recommended as a management barrier Legionella..

The Zip HydroTap UltraCare system comes with a lifecycle maintenance plan to ensure regular maintenance as recommended by the enHealth guidelines.

5. Dedicated maintenance plan for optimal performance

Introducing ZipHydroCareGold +, a special maintenance plan for health and geriatric care facilities. Our Gold + plan ensures that your Zip Water system is maintained by qualified technicians and continues to operate at its best performance.

Equipped with new HydroTap G5 technology

Zip HydroTap UltraCare is powered by G5 technology and offers the latest innovations in convenience, hygiene and sustainability.

Choose from 3 stylish tap designs

Zip HydroTap UltraCare is available in three faucet designs that combine boiling and cold water.

* Testing the effectiveness of the ALS Pty Ltd Zip HydroTap UltraCare system

** SteriTouch® reports on the effectiveness of polymers and silicones

Main image captions: Left to Right: HydroTap Touch-Free Wave; HydroTap Classic; and HydroTap Classic with accessible levers.

Introducing Zip HydroTap UltraCare. Proven to deliver 99.9% reduction in Legionella* Source link Introducing Zip HydroTap UltraCare. Proven to deliver 99.9% reduction in Legionella*

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