Infrastructure Spending May Need Strong Endorsement From Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont, provided his insights on what might be considered significant support on Sunday as Congress was discussing the Biden administration’s large-scale infrastructure spending bill. After the 2020 elections, after the Democratic Party strengthened its grip on Capitol Hill, rebuilding the United States is considered Biden’s number one goal.

Sanders starred in NBC’s “Meet the Press,” stating that the bipartisan bill was “almost good,” but added some caveats.

“Most of the bipartisan bills on spending are good because I can see them,” Sanders said.

“It’s roads and bridges and we need to do that. That’s what our law proposes, but there’s much more. Of my concerns about bipartisan bills. One is how they pay for the proposal.

“And they’re not clear yet. They don’t even know what they know yet. But some speculation raises petrol taxes, electric car prices, and infrastructure privatization that I don’t support. Proposals I don’t support. “

Sanders is seen as a key figure in enclosing liberal support for the Biden administration’s most ambitious non-pandemic initiatives. He is one of Capitol Hill’s most prominent voices, bringing together several progressives to enthusiastically support the $ 6 trillion plan with the start of the 2022 election cycle just months away. can do.

Sanders has long sought more infrastructure. But he pointed out on Sunday that Biden’s bill did not include some important issues related to wealth inequality.

“When 18 million households spend more than 50% of their limited income on housing, how do you deal with it?” Sanders said.

Sanders emphasized improving the conditions of the working class, as well as the two presidential campaigns.

“When dealing with climate, dealing with infrastructure, dealing with home care, dealing with childcare, we can create millions of high-paying jobs,” he said. ..

Sanders also said he hopes to reduce the eligibility age for Medicare recipients to 60, covering dentistry, vision and hearing.

It remains unclear what the final bill will be and how much it will cost. Twenty-one senators, 11 of whom are Republicans, will unite around the bill’s framework to improve bridges and roads. The bill includes $ 579 billion in new spending, $ 110 billion in road improvements, $ 66 billion in passenger freight railroads, and $ 48 billion in passenger transport.

Some more progressive Democrats are hesitant to support the infrastructure bill because they do not offer plans to combat climate change or provide childcare.

Biden’s plan will require a settlement. All 50 Senate Democrats must vote in favor of the proposal, and Vice President Kamala Harris will vote for a tiebreaker.It remains unclear whether the bill will gain democratic support Senator Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Cinema in West Virginia Of Arizona.

President Biden has proposed raising taxes on businesses from 21% to 28% and raising taxes on Americans who earn more than $ 400,000 a year.

Republicans have consistently rejected tax increases under all circumstances. The party leader claims that it will cost less than $ 1 trillion to reach an agreement.

Lindsey Graham, RS.C. Is one of the strongest supporters of keeping infrastructure bills below $ 1 trillion.

“President Biden, if you need a $ 1 trillion infrastructure deal, you need to get involved,” Graham told host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

Sanders has the support of many groups that believe the United States lacks the latest infrastructure. American Society of Civil Engineers He said updating the country’s infrastructure would cost at least $ 4.6 trillion.

Report card of the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2021 gave the United States C- Infrastructure grade.. Authorities say poor infrastructure hinders economic growth and taxpayers pay unintended costs.

Repairing roads and bridges will cost $ 2 trillion, and maintaining and expanding the services of drinking water systems will require $ 1 trillion over the next 25 years. There are 15,000 dams that need to be rebuilt at a cost of $ 45 billion.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it needs $ 32.5 billion to improve the airport. The National Association of Manufacturers has called for spending $ 1.3 trillion on transportation infrastructure over a decade.

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