Infrastructure Bill Faces First Test

President Biden’s goal of passing a bipartisan $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure deal will face the first major challenge on Wednesday with Senate leader Chuck Schumer exercising voting rights.

Republicans have been trying to postpone voting for some time.

“We are not ready” Sen Rob Portman, R-Ohio, in an interview with CNBC. Portman added that the bill is still under negotiation and will not be ready by Schumer’s desired deadline.

“We’re going to vote against it. We just want time to get it right,” he added.

According to Portman, Republicans can support the bill if the vote is pushed on Monday. Republicans have criticized the lack of the full text of the bill, cost estimates, and payment methods.

Schumer rejected the Republican request to postpone the vote, saying it was “the first step in the legislative process” and “voting is not the deadline to resolve all the final details.”

“We are currently in the fourth week of negotiations since the bipartisan senator group reached an agreement with the White House on the infrastructure framework. Senators should be able to move forward comfortably today,” Schumaer said. Says.

Due to the Senate stalling, Schumer needs to win at least 10 Republican votes to pass the bill. Republican Senator Mitt Romney is confident that the bill will win 10 votes.

“There are some areas that need to be addressed today and tomorrow, but I think they will all be completed by the beginning of next week. Next week there will be another vote and we will be able to continue. In the bill. We support the bill. There are plenty of Republicans, “Romney told reporters.

Some progressives are worried that the Republicans may be deliberately trying to elicit measures that they ultimately do not support.

“They’ve been killing months at this point. Where this bipartisan effort hasn’t helped much in investing in our infrastructure and seems to have helped more at the end of just delaying action. I believe it’s starting to come, “said the person in charge. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, DN.Y.

Schumaer will also pass a $ 3.5 trillion infrastructure bill for the party through a reconciliation that will extend Medicare to include dentistry, vision and hearing, combat climate change, and address health and child care. And. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said neither bill would allow voting in the House unless both passed the Senate.

Infrastructure Bill Faces First Test Source link Infrastructure Bill Faces First Test

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