Indonesia suspends dive search for cockpit recorder

According to Abdul, a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) was deployed to wash the ocean floor on Wednesday, and pings were no longer sent after the beacon was disconnected from the CVR, making the search more complicated.

“We have an ROV that confirms the location again, and tomorrow we will jump into it again and comb it,” he said.

Military director Hadi Jayant said on Tuesday that he was “highly confident” in finding a recorder soon.

The Boeing 737-500 jet crashed into the Java Sea on Saturday, four minutes after taking off from Jakarta’s main airport.

Investigators rely heavily on two black boxes to determine the cause of the crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board (KNKT) of Indonesia will download the FDR data within 2-5 days.


According to a final report on a similar model of the Boeing 737 that crashed in 2008, the FDR contains about 25 hours of data on eight tracks and the CVR has 30 minutes of conversation.

A team from the US National Transportation Safety Board will travel to Jakarta in the coming days to assist in the investigation.

KNKT’s first findings showed that the engine was running when the plane hit the water, based on the damage seen on jet parts recovered from the sea.

The Indonesian Ministry of Transport said on Tuesday that the plane that landed during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic passed an air resistance test on December 14 and soon returned to service.


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Indonesia suspends dive search for cockpit recorder Source link Indonesia suspends dive search for cockpit recorder

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