Indian Climate Activist Linked To Thunberg Wins Bail

Indian climate change activists were released on bail 10 days after being arrested for creating a “toolkit” to support the country’s farmers’ protests tweeted by Greta Thunberg.

The arrest of 22-year-old Disha Ravi for incitement, which could lead to life imprisonment, has sparked intense criticism from activists and opposition politicians in India.

Police claimed that Ravi was the “major conspirator” in the formation of the toolkit and was shared on social media by Swedish climate activist Toonberg.

The toolkit provides basic advice for participating in protests in the field and details how to show support on social media.

Officials said the purpose seems to be to “create dissonance between various social, religious and cultural groups and foster dissatisfaction and malice” against the Government of India.

Police also said Ravi and two others had been in contact with a Canada-based organization allegedly supporting separatists from the Sikh minority in India.

Disha Ravi was beaten for sedition
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According to the Indian Express newspaper, a court in Delhi on Tuesday found no “obvious reason” to refuse bail to the rabbi “in light of an inadequate and rough investigation.”

For Prime Minister Narendra Modi, protests by thousands of farmers (mostly Sikhs) in the suburbs of New Delhi since late November have been a major challenge.

The demonstrations were mostly peaceful, but one day in late January, when a tractor rally by Delhi farmers rampaged and one died, it became violent.

Then, in early February, when pop stars Rihanna, Toonberg, and US Vice President niece Meena Harris tweeted about the matter, the protests went international.

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the comment “sensational.”

Toonberg caused further anger by tweeting in favor of Ravi.

Indian Climate Activist Linked To Thunberg Wins Bail Source link Indian Climate Activist Linked To Thunberg Wins Bail

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