India travel ban driven by ‘unintentional discrimination’: Chris Kenny

Sky News host Chris Kenny states that India’s travel ban is caused by “unintentional discrimination” against India because it is a developing country. The Morrison government has enforced a ban on all Australians returning from India until May 15, threatening to impose heavy fines and imprisonment on those who may violate the ban. India’s infection rate has fallen below that of the United States and the United Kingdom during last year’s wave heights, but nevertheless “Australia has never banned it from returning,” Kenny said. .. “When the government was willing to impose a ban, I opposed it and wondered what kind of delusional and selfish country we had,” he said. “People are scared. Media and politicians continue to talk of all infections as big and terribly scary, even though in 99% of cases the symptoms are mild or absent.” The reason for seeing India’s ban is a kind of unintentional discrimination against them because they are developing countries. “Their medical system is overwhelmed. It seems terrible because they are suffering so badly. Oddly enough, it makes it difficult for Australians to get out of it and return. “Preventing Australians from returning should only be a last resort in the most extreme situations. It’s not now, especially one of the many countries that have been hit by pandemics. ”

Place of originIndia travel ban driven by ‘unintentional discrimination’: Chris Kenny

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