India surpasses 20 million COVID-19 cases as oxygen shortages and overwhelmed hospitals drive up death rate

COVID-19 infections and deaths are increasing at an alarming rate in endless India, experts warn that nearly 1.4 billion people will become a “horrible” country.

The official number of cases of coronavirus in India exceeded 20 million on Tuesday, almost doubling in the last three months, and the number of deaths officially exceeded 220,000.

As those numbers are staggering, the actual numbers are believed to be much higher, and underestimation is a clear reflection of health care problems.

The country witnessed a scene of people dying outside an overwhelming hospital and a funeral cremation illuminating the night sky.

Infectious diseases have surged in India since February, allowing more infectious variants of the virus and a large number of people to gather at Hindu religious festivals and political rallies before state elections. The decision was blamed.

Infectious diseases in India are increasing faster than anywhere else in the world, solemnly reminding us that the pandemic will never end.

India’s chief health official, Rajes Bhutian, refused to speculate last month as to why the authorities weren’t ready.

But the cost is clear. People are dying because of lack of bottled oxygen and hospital beds, or because they couldn’t get the COVID-19 test.

The official average of newly identified cases per day in India surged from more than 65,000 on April 1 to about 370,000, with official deaths from more than 300 to more than 3,000 per day. became.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health reported 357,229 new cases and 3,449 deaths in the last 24 hours.

Death and infection numbers are considered unreliable because the tests are patchy and incompletely reported. For example, government guidelines require Indian states to include suspected cases of COVID-19 in recording deaths from outbreaks, but in many cases they do not.

The United States, which makes up a quarter of India’s population, has more than 2.5 times the death toll of about 580,000.

According to municipal records last Sunday, 1,680 people died in the Indian capital and were treated according to the procedure of handing over the bodies of people infected with COVID-19. However, during the same 24 hours, only 407 people were added to the official tolls from New Delhi.

The New Delhi High Court has announced that it will begin to punish government officials if the hospital is not provided with the assigned oxygen supply. “Sufficient,” he said.

Authorities are currently struggling to make up for the lost time. Beds have been added to the hospital, more tests have been done, oxygen has been sent from one corner of the country to another, and the production of some drugs that are effective against COVID-19 has been expanded.

Challenges are skyrocketing in the elected states, and unmasked crowds may have exacerbated the spread of the virus.

The average daily number of infections in West Bengal has increased by a multiple of 32 since the start of voting to over 17,000.

Experts are also worried that being charged for shots could make it harder for poor people to get vaccinated. On Monday, opposition urged the government to make all Indians free of vaccination.

India immunizes about 2.1 million people every day, or about 0.15 percent of its population.

Place of originIndia surpasses 20 million COVID-19 cases as oxygen shortages and overwhelmed hospitals drive up death rate

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