I’m a Celeb star Jess Eva confesses to kissing John Howard

Blockstar Jess Eva has revealed everything about the moment she kissed the Australian Prime Minister.

Australian “jungle” celebrities have officially begun to lose plot.

In the preview clip of the episode on Wednesday night I’m a celebrity … get me out of here!, They make makeshift hairdressers for themselves.

block Star Jess Eva has actress Toni Pearen as her first customer and dyes her eyebrows with campfire coal.

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What is the final result? Creepy eyebrows with former Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

Shouted “John Howard’s Energy” Bachelor Star Abbey Chatfield praised Toni’s new look.

“I kissed John Howard next to my face,” Jess confessed. “Do you know what he tasted? Soap. He has to scrub his face hard with soap.”

The radio presenter explained that when Mr Howard was prime minister, it was a profile picture of her Facebook for a long time.

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Cheerfully, Toni and Jess recreate the photo.

Camp buddies may have laughed at the ex E Street As for Starni’s eyebrows, they were praised when she danced in a bikini. The 48-year-old showed off her incredible age.

“You look great, Toni. Look at you!” Said singer Paulini Kluenavli.

Famous chef Colin Fasnigge praised her dance moves.

“Welcome to Ibiza!” He exclaimed.

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Comedian Ash Williams commented on her body as a “great person.”

Talk to Women’s day On Monday, Toni revealed that she was engaged in training and eating healthy at home.

“When I can’t afford a gym, I walk, do weight training at home, swim, and stretch. I love sweets, so it’s important not to put chocolate or sweets in your house. “She said.

“I love a glass of red wine, but I can only really bear one.”

“I always love exercising and cooking, so I take great care to eat as healthy as possible, but it’s not an obsession.”

I’m a Celeb star Jess Eva confesses to kissing John Howard Source link I’m a Celeb star Jess Eva confesses to kissing John Howard

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