I’m 24 and my life was pretty sorted out, until I fell deeply in love with a man of 51 | Relationships

I am a 24-year-old lawyer. I want to think my life is pretty organized, but I fell in love with a 51 year old man 9 months ago. This is very surprising to me. He is sensitive and Kind, funny, generous and very nice to my eyes. The problem is … age difference! I wonder how to think about this. I’m generally a conservative person and I don’t like to shock public opinion.

Now I have to make a big decision for the first time in my life. Either go with this beautiful man or give him up and go on a more traditional path. I should add that I don’t want children. And he doesn’t want it either.

Eleanor says: If you’re going to stick to this guy, you’d better be prepared for some suspicious questions-what is he doing with a half-aged man? You know he’s 20 years older Are you sure you still like you?

If you are confident You are If you know the answers to those questions, your answer when asked by others can be a “fuss”. There are so many people in the world that you can’t put them all in your head. At some point, you must claim your rights as a sovereign over your own choices. It doesn’t exist to put together everything that others have to say.

You are very clear about how this relationship makes you feel. Your letter is full of love and respect. Think about what would happen if you abandoned this guy: I’m trying to find an age-neutral relationship, but the fact that I broke up with this guy, before I knew if things got worse in my condition, early romance In the idealization of, it means that he will settle in your memory. This relationship lurks on the shoulders of your next lover. Beautiful ghosts are waiting to haunt living heirs. Whenever your ultimate partner has a bad day, bores you, or gets used to being dusty, you can compare Mr 51’s memories. If they fail, it’s them. Not fair to.

Of course, your stay may not go well. The biggest attraction of the 24-year-old is that he is too young to know all the warning signs, so he has to go through all the steps to identify the problem before he can solve it. While we are learning, boring people and bullies are still looking for girlfriends. But there is a good test for this – make sure your male and female friends guarantee him. His mother; do you have a former partner?Do you feel his worship You are Are you aiming or is he worshiping what you see in your eyes? And what do you feel? he, Or is it a relief of relief from a boy of the same age who doesn’t know how to comfort or touch a woman? I can’t say the answer, but you probably know your gut and bone marrow.

What I know is that the age difference itself, and the disapproved ghosts of others, are not a reason to ignore your happiness. You will definitely frown, but we It just sinks into the swamp – who cares? Living what critics deny can prove that critics are wrong. In other words, you are an adult. And adults don’t have to do what they’re told.



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I’m 24 and my life was pretty sorted out, until I fell deeply in love with a man of 51 | Relationships Source link I’m 24 and my life was pretty sorted out, until I fell deeply in love with a man of 51 | Relationships

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