I Love a Mama’s Boy: Mother-in-law won’t let bride plan her own wedding

The bride was warned by her fiancé about her demanding mother, but she didn’t know how bad it was until she planned her wedding.

One woman revealed that her mother-in-law would not let her plan her wedding. She intends to match her dress with her son’s suit.

Justina, 27, will appear in the TLC program with her fiancé Jason, 29. I love mommy boys Broadcast in the United States.

The pair have been together for five years since they started as roommates, but eventually became intimate. Sun Report.

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The couple has a two-year-old daughter, Taylor – and Jason asked a question after realizing she was “alone.”

“It feels like all the qualities I’ve seen for men, Jason checks all my boxes. I love him so much,” Justina said.

“There is only one problem that always interferes when we try to make big decisions in life. It’s Jason’s mother.

“Jason is definitely a mommy boy. When I first met him, he was trying to warn me,” she said.

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Justina soon found her fiancé, and his 51-year-old mother Annette was closer than she expected.

“Over time, I realized, yes,” you are obsessed with your mom’s hips. ” They even date together, “Justina explained about the program.

“He dated me and then my mother.”

Wedding drama

As the couple’s wedding was imminent, Justina was shocked to find out how much control her mother-in-law wanted.

Annette has insisted that the two get married in Las Vegas while Justina wants a rustic country wedding.

Contrary to Justina’s wishes, Annette went shopping for a suit and asked her son to buy a red velvet paisley suit.

“It doesn’t fit anything else we have at the wedding-the bridesmaid is wearing beige,” said Justina.

Her shock was followed by the tenacity of her mother-in-law.

“Well, I just wear a dress that suits Jason,” she says in the program.

And Jason, who is not gradual, soon becomes a mother’s ally.

But Justina isn’t the only bride (and not the last) to have a mother-in-law drama on her wedding day.

A woman accused her fiancée’s mother of buying a white dress with a train to wear on her big day.

The dress had a floral design on white cloth, but the flowing bridal style train looked very much like a wedding dress and offended the bride.

“Tell me it’s as bad as I think. You can’t overreact by being too white,” she wrote in a long Facebook post.

“We gave her about five colors to choose on our theme and tried to have fun for her because she wasn’t so excited about the whole wedding.”

However, despite taking her for a day’s shopping, the bride said she had received a text from her future mother-in-law saying she had bought her own dress.

After refusing to show her the design, the groom’s sister secretly took a picture of herself in a dress, revealing the bride’s worst horror.

My mother-in-law says she doesn’t want to be the same color as the bridesmaid, and such pale pink, blush, and peach colors “wash me away.”

“I’m embarrassed by everyone, so I need to get them to choose a dress like a kid. It hurts,” the mother wrote.

This article was originally published in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.

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