Hundreds of troops stationed at US Capitol amid warnings against further attacks

A week after a Trump-backed riot struck a building, photos of hundreds of National Guards stationed at the US Capitol are spreading by word of mouth.

The image shows the presence of strong security inside and outside the building, as the House of Representatives is voting to impeach President Donald Trump.

As many as 15,000 National Guards, including some armed groups, were ordered to Washington, DC before Joe Biden took office in the presidential election, and new fencing and other security measures involved the US Capitol.

Photos of the National Guard monitoring the Capitol are spreading by word of mouth.

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A major rollout will take place when the House of Representatives votes to impeach President Donald Trump.

A major rollout will take place when the House of Representatives votes to impeach President Donald Trump.

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Deputy U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen has potential for further attacks as presidential election Joe Biden prepares to take office after Trump supporters attack the U.S. Capitol last week. Warned domestic terrorists.

In a video released overnight, Rosen was a potential attack to prepare for potential further violence with further planned protests by federal law enforcement authorities before Biden’s inauguration on January 20. Encouraged the public to provide hints on and other threats.

“I want to send a clear message to anyone thinking of violence, the threat of violence, or other criminal activity. We respond to any attempt to thwart the change of power,” Government Building. There is no acceptance, including an attempt to forcibly occupy. Said.

“There is no excuse for violence, vandalism, or any other form of lawlessness.”

Some parliamentary leaders are also calling for the rebels who attacked the Capitol to be on the no-fly zone list.

Rosen’s warning is almost a week after the January 6 raid that U.S. lawmakers and President Donald Trump’s vice president Mike Pence met to prove the victory of Mr. Biden, who ran five dead and lawmakers. For a cover posted online later hours after the federal prosecutor held his first press conference.

U.S. law enforcement officials said Tuesday that they had launched a criminal investigation into more than 170 people who were to attack the Capitol building and prosecute some of the most serious criminals for assault and conspiracy.

“These efforts are active and will continue until justice is complete,” Rosen said in a statement.

“There’s a lot more to come. Cheating will be held accountable.”

The impeachment article accused Trump of being a “riot incitement” and said he had caused violence against the US government in a speech to thousands of supporters near the White House shortly before the siege of the Capitol. The article also quoted Mr. Trump’s January 2 call asking Georgian authorities to “find” a vote to overturn Mr. Biden’s victory in the state.

In his January 6th speech, Mr. Trump falsely claimed to have defeated Mr. Biden, repeated widespread fraud and unfounded allegations in “electoral fraud,” and “stopped stealing” to his supporters. “Show your strength” and “fight harder”. He did not, but promised to go to the Capitol with them, using “very different rules”.

“If you don’t fight like hell, there’s no country anymore,” Mr. Trump told his supporters.

Democrats could also use impeachment trials to push for votes to prevent Mr. Trump from running for office again.

Only a majority of the Senate is needed to disqualify Mr. Trump from his future job, but there is disagreement among legal experts as to whether impeachment conviction is required first.

Place of originHundreds of troops stationed at US Capitol amid warnings against further attacks

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