Hundreds call on Scott Morrison to recognise mass killings of Armenians more than a century ago as genocide

Hundreds of people gathered in Sydney and Melbourne to call on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to formally recognize the Ottoman genocide of Armenians as a genocide more than a century ago.

The rally on Saturday afternoon is held because US President Joe Biden is expected to announce a groundbreaking decision to officially recognize the killing as a genocide-Turkey strongly denies This is the label.

Saturday marks the 106th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire’s mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Armenians during and after World War I.

Hundreds of people attended the rally on Saturday in the domain of Sydney.

Catalina Flores / SBS News

Heig Kayserian, secretary-general of the Armenian National Commission for Australia, said Armenians in Australia were protesting Morrison’s failure to recognize the killing as a mass murder.

“We hear the complaints loud and clear, and euphemisms and replacements will not be accepted by our community,” he said.

At a Sydney rally that began in the domain, protesters marched through the city and chanted, “Speak ScoMo.”

Alice Hoshikin, who attended the Melbourne rally, told SBS News that the lack of awareness was an “unhealed wound” for the survivors of the slaughter.

“We have not received any apologies or perceptions of what happened to our ancestors during World War I,” he said. “It will add closure to the chapter of our lives and allow us to go ahead and heal.”

Another attendee, Tamar Iprasian, said he attends the rally every year because it is important to raise awareness about what happened in 1915.

“Unfortunately, there isn’t much education about it,” she said. “My ancestors are involved in it and justice needs to win.”

Armenian immigrant daughter Gladys Berejikrian, the Prime Minister of New South Wales, is one of the celebrities who demands that the murder be officially recognized as a genocide.

“I forever hope that Australia will join many countries around the world that have admitted the Armenian Genocide in 1915,” she tweeted Saturday.

In a statement commemorating the anniversary, Prime Minister Scott Morrison stopped using the term genocide instead of referring to “the enormous losses suffered by the Armenian people in the last years of the Ottoman Empire.” It was.

“It’s important to be aware of what the Armenian Genocide is,” the statement said, unlike Morrison’s 2011 backbencher comment.

Kayserian said he hoped the Australian government would follow in the footsteps of the Biden administration, noting Morrison’s past comments.

“We know what Scott Morrison believes,” he said. “Australia talked about this issue, and we are just waiting for the government to do the same.”

About 30 countries around the world, including Russia, France, Canada and Germany, recognize the killings as genocide.

Parliaments in New South Wales and South Australia have also acknowledged the killings as genocide, but the Australian Federal Government has not.

Turkey has always been willing to reject the use of the term genocide, a view shared by the Turkish community in Australia.

“There has never been a competent international court decision to consider the case a genocide,” Barris Ataiman, secretary-general of the Turkish Advocacy Alliance in Australia, told SBS News.

“We believe Joe Biden’s decision to call the 1915 case genocide political. It is based on his own personal beliefs.”

Biden spoke with Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the first time as US President on Friday prior to the expected announcement.

The day before, Prime Minister Erdogan told his adviser to “keep his trust in those who support the so-called” Armenian Genocide “lie.”

We asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for comment.


Hundreds call on Scott Morrison to recognise mass killings of Armenians more than a century ago as genocide Source link Hundreds call on Scott Morrison to recognise mass killings of Armenians more than a century ago as genocide

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