How to Manage Disneyland While Pregnant and With Kids

When I last got pregnant, I imagined a day when I had a son Age sufficient to go to DisneylandIt’s been 15 years since I set foot in the happiest place on earth, but frequent visits to Disney are an integral part of my growth and I wanted to share that experience with my kids. ..Of course, when I dreamed of a lazy day about this adventure, I never thought I would take my son. While my second child is also very pregnant..

To be honest, with 4 years old Pregnant woman There is more in common than you think.Both get tired when walking long distances Need frequent meals To prevent hangers, and both can be easily shaken by Disney’s magic. Below are some useful tips we have developed from our last trip to Disneyland with our son and a growing bump to help us all spend our time in life.

  1. It’s not about vehicles. ..
    I knew that the protruding belly would complicate our trip and obviously prevent me from enjoying some Favorite vehicle I’ve remembered it since I was a kid. No more star tours or Space Mountain. This trip was planned to take a much more relaxed approach to the vehicle. If anything, this limitation worked in my favor. Because my 4-year-old giant met those vehicle height requirements, but they couldn’t have been fun for him. Instead, we focused on doing things for him, but not on vehicles, but on experience. The main street, also known as part of Disney, which ran towards the Matterhorn as a kid, was explored as thoroughly as the Tarzan Treehouse, Mark Twain Riverboat Cruise, and interacted more with the park. A leisurely and pregnancy-friendly rate.
  2. … But the vehicle is still important.
    You see, if you completely remove the vehicle from Disneyland, it really becomes a big park to walk around. My pregnant belly restricted me from jumping on some of the faster rides, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy some others. For my 4-year-old kid, Dumbo the Flying Elephant was the most exciting adventure he came to fly. I enjoyed it because I was able to experience pure joy as I saw his face brighten. Other rides such as It’s A Small World, Jungle Cruise, and many classic rides that come to mind when imagining Disney Adventures are completely safe to enjoy and are more suitable for younger kids than thrilling rides. Age.
  3. Pack all the snacks.
    If there is anything that connects a pregnant mother with a growing son, it is the amount of snacks consumed between the two.When I usually go out Tends to overpack A snack at Disneyland during pregnancy meant that my backpack seemed to clean up the last cheesestick, apples, peanut butter sandwiches, and all other health-critical options from the grocery store. did. .. When it comes to preventing hangers on both mother and son, it’s better to make a mistake on the ridiculous side. Disney’s procession can be infamously long, and the last thing you want to deal with is kids who are likely to break down because they are hungry while you also need an energy boost. Not surprisingly, we started with end-of-life preparer-level food at hand, so at the end of the day we sat down in the car with an empty backpack.
  4. Bring your stroller and take a break.
    If your child has long forgotten to use a stroller for their daily walks, it’s not time to become a hero. Please bring a stroller. In addition to being an excellent holder of toys and supplies, their little feet get tired, and if you are really blessed, they may take a nap there. This means that you also have the opportunity to rest as your legs and legs may be swollen on every walk.

    By the way, it’s hard to get up all day, so please be kind to yourself. Personally, Disney has some great people watching, so I took a break whenever I found an opportunity to sit on an ice cream or bench and do an eye spy.

  5. Tag out to the line.
    No matter how great it is to plan which vehicle to ride and when to go, you’ll have to wait in line at some point in Disney. The longest line we encountered was to meet the princess, and to be honest it almost broke us. If I couldn’t tag and eat with my husband or sit down for a while, I would probably have given up and left. It is difficult for adults as well as small children and pregnant women to put up with it, so replace it if necessary.
  6. Do not exceed the plan
    Maximizing Balance for Organized Moms — Resist the urge to make last-minute plans with online bookings and Fastpass. The ability to plan before you go to the park may be great as it gives you a schedule, but it can also take away some of the voluntary adventures of the day. My son loved seeing Thunder Mountain Railroad turn around a winding corner. I also stopped listening to Dapper Dan singing while navigating the main street. These were the gentle moments I remember forever and couldn’t be planned in the app. By slowing down, my son was able to give us instructions and explore Disney in a whole new way.

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