How To Craft New 4-Star Weapons

The long-awaited “Genshin Impact” lightning update has finally arrived, bringing a big new area for exploration full of mysteries, secrets, loot and more. Many players were thrilled with the new set of lightning-themed weapons, but after all, it’s not as easy to get as players thought it would be.

Like other crafted weapons, these new items can be made by blacksmiths in any region of the game. However, “Genshin Impact” players must first find the blueprint for each weapon before letting the blacksmith create the weapon.

The game doesn’t explicitly state where these blueprints are, but Hoyolabs forum players strive to track each blueprint for the entire community.This is a forum user Soaring and”Genshin ImpactA community has been discovered.

Where to find the blueprint for lightning weapons

A new 4-star weapon blueprint can be found as a reward from World Quests around Lightning.

To make your quest a little easier, it is highly recommended that you first explore all the islands before you start looking for blueprints. However, certain areas are locked behind the progress wall, so players must follow the main quest line.

The lightning bolts of Genshin Impact have many beautiful and breathtaking scenes.
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Sword: Kageuchi Amenuma

Complete the “Farmer’s Treasure” quest on Jinren Island, found across the north shore from the Holy Cherry Tree. Players must complete the “Sacred Cherry Blossom Purification Ritual” quest before proceeding to Jinren Island.

Pole Arm: Kiten Cross Spear

Complete the “Orobashi’s Legacy” quest for NPC Kaji, located at the northern end of the ridge between Musoujinkyo and Fujito Fort at the western end of Kanazuka.

Catalyst: Shirakami ring

After completing the “Yogo Cleansing” world quest, which is part of the “Sacred Cherry Blossom Purification Ritual,” talk to the mysterious shrine maiden of Chikada Village.

Claymore: Nagamasa Katsugakiri

Complete the “Tatara Tales” World Quest in Tatarasuna. Players need to collect three keys to unlock certain gates in order to unlock the weapon blueprints.

Bow: Hamaya

Unfortunately, no one yet knows where to find this 4-star bow blueprint.

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