How a $50 Coles grocery shop can feed an Aussie family of six

At first glance, it looks like a health food in a supermarket, but there is actually an ominous fact behind this grocery store.

Saving money in a grocery store is not an easy task. Essentials such as bread, milk and vegetables will grow quickly.

However, according to the Cancer Council NSW, there is one easy way to save money from supermarket accounting. That is to quit smoking.

To celebrate World No Tobacco Day, the charity shared how a box of $ 50 cigarettes could buy enough food for a family of six to make three healthy meals.

An average of 25 packets of cigarettes costs $ 50, and you can buy more than 20 different groceries for the same amount of money. Coles..

Foods in line with Australian dietary guidelines included wheat bix, milk, pasta, minced meat, hummus, tomatoes, apples, cheese and bananas.

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Alecia Brooks, Tobacco Management Unit Manager at Cancer Council NSW, said the experiment was designed to show “what the actual cost of smoking is”.

“We know that the price of tobacco can be a powerful motivation for people to quit smoking. Smoking cessation can be the best thing you should do today for your health and your wallet. I know I have sex, “she said.

Smoking rates have been declining since 2015, but 2019 data show that 11.9% of adults in NSW still smoke daily.

Smoking causes as many as 46,000 inpatients and 5,300 deaths each year in NSW alone.

Ms. Brooks said quitting smoking may seem difficult for long-term smokers, but with the support of local GPs and NSW Quitline, it is achievable.

“Smoking cessation is one of the best ways for you and your family, but we also recognize that some people make it difficult,” she said.

“We want to remind them that smoking cessation is possible no matter how difficult it may seem or how long you smoke.”

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“Smoking vs eating” challenge becomes viral

Last January, Tasmanian grandmother Became viral on Facebook After sharing how you could buy a large amount of groceries for the same cost as a pack of cigarettes.

Judy Kerison, a Launceston woman, wrote on Facebook that she encouraged her grandchildren to come up with this challenge after they “commented on the amount of cigarettes.”

“They were surprised at how much food they could buy for the same amount of money,” Kerison said.

She bought popular brands of tobacco for $ 56.95 and spent $ 56.85 on foods such as beef sausages and minced meat, apples, bananas, pasta, cheese, frozen beans, potatoes and bread.

My grandmother wrote, “I hope this exercise has made me aware of my life choices … and don’t get into this habit.”

Place of originHow a $50 Coles grocery shop can feed an Aussie family of six

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