Hottest QLD open homes and properties going to auction

Bellagio La Villa, the mansion of billionaire Riyu Li’s Tarbagera Valley, is one of the country’s most popular properties open for inspection this weekend.

The Gold Coast Acre Estate is currently Australia’s most popular property. And it’s not for sale anymore.

This week, the country’s most viewed property on attracted 31,500 eyeballs and sold for $ 2125,000 within a day in Ormeau, the inland town of the Gold Coast.

Within 24 hours, the 3 Mobbs Place property attracted over 10,000 online views, two written offers, some verbal offers, and successful sales.

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Located in Ormeau’s 3 Mobbs Place, this property was Australia’s most viewed property this week.

In fact, four of Australia’s top five most viewed properties in the last seven days were in Queensland.

The hottest list in Queensland this week is open for inspection:

49-109 Tallebudgera Connection Rd, Tallebudgera

Marketing agent Amir Mian said his chin fell when he first drove the long driveway of “Bellagio La Villa”.

“I couldn’t believe there was such a luxurious yet sophisticated home on the Gold Coast,” Mian said.

The palace-like mansion is owned by a Chinese billionaire and offers a whopping $ 50 million. The current record for the sale of Gold Coast homes is $ 25 million.

Tarbagera’s 49ha property has been compared to Europe’s spectacular real estate and has received approximately 20,000 views since it went public three days ago.

To know the scale of the magnificence, this house features 2450 square meters of internal floor space and 10 bedrooms. All have a private bathroom, a dining room for 16 people, a spa, a sauna and an indoor heated pool with a gym. A garage of five cars that doubles as a ballroom, an independent caretaker’s hut, and two stables.

Inside the Bellagio La Villa, the Talbagella Valley mansion of billionaire Riyu Li.

41 Maryland Avenue, Carrara

Owned by Australian racing driver Paul Wheel and his wife Emma, ​​this sports-friendly mega-mansion on the Gold Coast waterfront is on the market for $ 11.95 million.

Marketing agent and director of Coroche, Michael Coroche, said the three-story modern mansion had received two offers after several private inspections this week.

“Given that it’s only been a week since it hit the market, we got a very strong inquiry,” said Mr.

Colosse said.

“There are two offers at the table and I’m looking forward to the third offer today.”

Kollosche said the Maryland mansion was a rare discovery on the market today, as it offered a complete package with nearly new designer homes on more than an acre of major river lands. ..

18 Lucy Street, Gaison

Last Saturday, the opening for the first inspection of this cute three-bedroom cottage attracted a lineup of 200 people.

Place New Market Principal Mariostana said the property is a sweet spot for current market buyers, priced at less than $ 1 million, close to excellent schools, public transport and on the outskirts of the city. It was.

“I haven’t had a busy open home for 19 years,” Sultana said.

“Usually there are 15 to 20 people in the first open home, but this was 98 groups, so it was over 200 people.”

Run and don’t walk.

The hottest list to be auctioned in Queensland this week:

26-34 Knightsbridge Parade East, Sovereign Islands Auction: January 23, 1:00 pm

This is the second time Perth engineer Ricardo Ritzy has auctioned a Gold Coast mega-mansion in the last four months.

Last October, the first home to market with a $ 45 million price tag in 2019 was handed over for $ 25 million.

If the sale is successful, it is set to be the most expensive to be sealed in Queensland.

Amir Mian, a distributor of Mian Prestige, said the last auction attracted serious buyers in the process of negotiations.

“This time we have more bidders registered than last time, so the outlook is good,” he said.

“Mr. Ritzy is very relaxed about it. He knows the house suits someone, but if it doesn’t go tomorrow, we will continue to try.”

64 Talent Street, Mount Gravatt East Auction: January 23, 11:30 am

This four-bedroom, two-bathroom family home is of great interest to foreigners considering migration and residents of the interstate highway.

Ray White Rochedale marketing agent Stan Egawa said about 500 people have inspected the property since its listing and are looking forward to competition at tomorrow’s auction.

“I know someone from Cairns will bid on this over the phone,” Egawa said.

“When I listed the properties, I didn’t expect to get this level of feedback or interest, so I was a little overwhelmed.”

Mr. Egawa said this is a “very unique” property, not new, but of high quality and in good position.

“Many people live abroad and are determined to return to Australia. I have to say that Queensland is very fortunate in the COVID situation, so many return to Queensland. I’m determined to do that. “

5/44 Esplanade, Burleigh Heads Auction: 11:00 am, January 23

Scott Wagner Beachfront Brokers’ Scott Wagner makes an average of 14 calls a day, 7 days a week in this beachfront apartment for the past 30 days.

“There are few opportunities to build a retro apartment of this size on the Gold Coast, not to mention Burleigh Heads,” Wagner said.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in a 1960s building measures 251 square meters.

Many bidders have registered for the auction today.

“The value of the building is greater than the space above it, because the existing owners of the building want to leave it as it is,” he said.

“More people liken Burleigh Heads to Bondi Beach, and the value of the air above it doesn’t seem to be as valuable as those who want to leave it alone.

“This will not be developed.”

Australia’s most viewed list this week

Address Suburbs

1.3 Mobbs Place Ormeau QLD

2. 49-109 Tallebudgera Connection Rd Tallebudgera QLD

3.51 Latham Street Chermside QLD

4.14 Maryland Avenue Carrara QLD

5. 84 Bridgewater Drive Kallaroo WA

6.26 Browns Low Domain Ridge VIC

7. 21 Ward Street Newmarket QLD

8.9 Sequana Avenue Mermaid Waters QLD

9.2 Godwin Street Blairgowrie VIC

10.18 Lucy Street Gaythorne QLD


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