Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson address Playboy bunny feud

Holly Madison is lifting the lid of a long-standing feud with fellow Playboys and a long-denied secret sex rule in the condominium.

Former Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson says she’s about to move later Girl next door Co-star Holly Madison has rehashed their long-standing feud with a new podcast.

“Hey … it’s 2021” Wilkinson, 35, I commented on an Instagram post About Madison this week Call her dad interviewThe 41-year-old looked back on their past friendships and time together at Playboy Mansion.

She added in the second comment: I forgive, love and focus on my children. “

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When a commentator accused Wilkinson of “hating” Madison, Kendra on top Alum replied:she is [the] One there. I love babies now. “

But when another Instagram user wrote that Madison shouldn’t be “embarrassed” by sharing his experience, Wilkinson softened her stance.

“If I believe this helps women, I’ll try to understand,” she admitted. “I wish I had more time to understand this aspect with Holly … I hope she is the best in her life. This will help her heal.”

Hugh Hefner’s sex rules revealed

Wilkinson’s reaction came after Madison insisted that all women had to sleep with the late Hugh Hefner before moving to the mansion. Wilkinson’s previous claim She wasn’t intimate with the founders of Playboy in advance.

“I had to sleep with him first,” he said. Hollies World Alum said in an episode of the Barthtool Sports Podcast on Wednesday. “I’m not trying to pollute anyone or anything, but no one was asked to move unless I slept with him. It’s ridiculous.”

Madison also claimed that sex with Hofner was “basic” and “boring,” and said he was happy not to get pregnant.

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“I knew it was his fault. I was healthy. He was too old,” she explained. “When I first fell into that situation and something came to my mind that first night, I had sex wherever I wanted. I like to break my boundaries and I wasn’t happy. Now I have to change this situation into something. “I was almost trapped in this box. “

Regarding her relationship with her ex-friend Playboy Bunny, Madison said she and Bridget Marquarto were “always intimate. We have been friends since day one. She was asked if she had a relationship with Wilkinson,” No. “said.

Madison and Wilkinson have long been open about eating beef with each other.Wilkinson previously claimed them I had to pretend to be a friend at E!series, And she also blew up Madison’s memoirs, Down the Rabbit Hole: Former Playboy Bunny’s Bizarre Adventure and Attention Story, Claiming the book was a form of “vengeance.”

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Duo starring in 6 seasons Girl next door From 2005 to 2010, with co-stars 47-year-old Bridget Marquardt and Hofner, He died in September 2017 at the age of 91.

Wilkinson, who recently became a real estate agent, married Hank Baskett in 2009, but divorced in 2019. I share two children.

Madison, meanwhile, was recently associated with Zack Bagans before the dissolution in February. She had previously been married to Pasquale Rotella for four years and the union ended in 2018.

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Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson address Playboy bunny feud Source link Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson address Playboy bunny feud

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