Here’s a Breakdown of the Survivor Fitness Test — Would You Pass?

With that announcement Survivor australia Now that the application is open, I’m sure I’m scrambled to create the application.

this year, Survivor is Looking for men and women All backgrounds and locations around Australia that are Australian citizens or permanent residents and are 18 years of age or older as of April 1.

Due to a pandemic Survivor The filming takes place in the town of Cloncurry in northwestern Queensland, so it looks a little different, but attending the show is the same.

“With its rich history and spectacular landscapes including iconic red soil, towering rock formations and magnificent freshwater dams, Cloncurry is a great place to really change things,” Channel 10 said in a statement. Did.

“Our drifters to the ultimate test will have bigger challenges and different sets of skills.”

It’s not surprising that you can play a mentally healthy and strategic game, but there are obvious physical aspects that all contestants must pass, including the test.

according to Men’s health, Fitness test was used to “measure overall health and fitness”, a few years ago by Sydney exercise scientist and personal trainer Damian Kelly and former Army medical officer Dr. Sam Hay, general practitioner and media presenter. It was created.

“This was a basic test designed to check for certain weaknesses, mobility, etc.,” Kelly told the outlet. During the interview..

“All we needed to do was make sure that the survivor applicants were in the level they needed to attend the show. They weren’t there to break the speed, endurance and bench press records. “

The outlet also spoke to Peter Newman, Head of Nonscript Content at Endemol Shine Australia. “The test is to make sure that everyone is physically healthy and has enough physical strength to take part in the challenge. A 55-day island.”

So what does it include and do you pass?

Survivor fitness test

1.1. Walking / running endurance — This includes assessing ankle, knee, hip and hip health, meeting expected physical endurance and walking or running 1600m within 20 minutes.

2.2. Push-up test — This will assess the health of your shoulders, elbows and core. Participants need to complete 10 knee push-ups using the correct form in just 1 minute.

3.3. Squat test — This test assesses knee, hip, ankle, core, and general mobility health. Participants must be able to crouch to a depth where the wrinkles on the hips are lower than the height of the knees.

4.4. Weighted lift test — This test assesses hips, shoulders, general strength, and mobility. To pass, survivors must be able to lift 10 kg weights of all kinds from the ground to their shoulders.

5.5. Weighted carry (Farmers Walk) — Weighted carry is used to check the general strength and mobility of the whole body. To pass, you must be able to carry a 10 kg weight on your 20 m arm at a time.

6.6. General mobility — This overall mobility test checks for healthy basic weight movements. To have this checked from your list, you will need to lie on the ground in your stomach and wake up without assistance.

Here’s a Breakdown of the Survivor Fitness Test — Would You Pass? Source link Here’s a Breakdown of the Survivor Fitness Test — Would You Pass?

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