Henry Cavill addresses speculation about his private life

Superman star Henry Cavill has surprised fans and issued a long official statement addressing “speculation” about his “private life.”

Superman star Henry Cavill confronted “speculation” about his personal life in a mysterious Instagram post addressed to his “fans and followers.”

38 years old shared Instagram post He and his girlfriend Natalie Wisxo, 31, have been publicly dating since April this year.

“Dear fans and followers, I wanted to make a small community announcement. I couldn’t help noticing the recent social hostility,” he wrote. “It’s becoming more and more popular in my feed. I’ll call it speculation for now about my personal and professional partnership.”

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Rumors felt the need for intervention, “it’s time to quit,” Cavill said.

“So it’s time to stop, for you who express your contempt and show your discomfort in a surprising variety of ways,” he continued.

“It’s fun to guess, gossip, and dive into our own echo chambers on the internet, but your” passion “is misguided and harms the people I care most about. Gives.

“Even your most conservative negative assumptions about both my personal and professional life are not true.

After finishing his post, he asked his fans to “go forward” and confirmed that he was “very happy with love and life.”

“If you are happy with me, I would be very grateful,” he wrote. “If you can’t be satisfied with me, at least be proud of yourself and try to be your best version.”

Cavill doesn’t elaborate on “speculation” about his private life, but given that he explained the post in a photo of Visxo, it seems to be related to their relationship. He turned off all comments on the post.

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Often closed to his relationship, Cavill was easily linked to his predecessor. Big bang theory Actor Kaley Cuoco dated for two weeks in July 2013.

The witcher The star only shared his latest relationship with him last month by sharing a photo of entertainment executive Bisxo playing chess. She works for Legendary Entertainment, the production company for Hollywood blockbusters and television series. man of Steel (2013) and Enola Holmes (2020), both starred Cavill.

“This is me looking quietly and confidently just before my beautiful and brilliant love Natalie destroys me in chess,” he wrote in the caption.

The British actor did not expand on the “social hostility” he received and the “speculation” of his private life, but Kabil previously talked about the “inside-out” of fame, or dating.

“Obviously (fame) also has an inside out. As soon as I built a relationship, a lot of hatred towards me and the girl said I changed,” he said.To rake 2017. “I haven’t changed a bit, but you have to incorporate it all into your steps.

“Everything has its pros and cons, but in the end, it’s great to get people to be so attentive.

“It’s a good thing, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone in my life. As soon as it begins to affect the people in my life, it’s when I’m at a disadvantage.”

Henry Cavill addresses speculation about his private life Source link Henry Cavill addresses speculation about his private life

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