‘Health disaster unfolding’ as hospital stayed open without doctors

The community hospital operated for two days with “no doctors” during Easter, and the nurses’ union declared the situation “a new low for medical care in the state.”

SA Health today confirmed that “an emergency response plan has been enacted at Balaklava Hospital” in the northern mid-state on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.

“The most senior members of the hospital staff were the second-year registered nurses left to run the emergency department,” the nurses’ union said in an early shift on Friday.

“The idea that hospitals are still open, including emergency presentations, is a neglect of duty of care that, as far as we know, has never been seen in the local medical network, despite the lack of medical insurance. It shows the level, “said the Australian Federation of Nursing and Midwifery. SA Boss Elizabeth Duvers.

“Members in Balaclava said management was aware of the lack of medical assistance last Thursday and had no provisions.

“All weekend staff felt overwhelmed by the situation and significantly lacked support.”

She said the SA ambulance unit was still arriving with patients in poor health and staff were simply informed to send all concerned patients to Raiel McCuin Hospital for evaluation.

Roger Kirchner, CEO of York and the Northern Local Health Network, said in a statement:

He said on-call medical support was available “on the phone” for two days.

“A deal was made with Medstar via the SAVirtual Emergency Service digital device. [and] The SA ambulance was also notified and the service established priority support as needed, “he said.

Dabars said: “This leadership failure is unacceptable.”

“In both metropolitan and rural areas, hospitals operate with tremendous overcapacity and staffing, putting the safety of both patients and nurses at tremendous risk,” she said.

“State-wide staff are not only stressed, tired, and afraid to make catastrophic mistakes, but also retaliation from the health care system that refuses to admit or deal with their deficiencies. I can’t even speak for fear. “

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The union declared the situation “a health hazard in our state” and noted increasing pressure on some hospitals.

“Recently, at Mount Barker Hospital, 96 patients visited a four-bed emergency department within 24 hours … and the waiting time for the transfer from Goller to Raiel McCuein Hospital surged from 13 hours to 24 hours. I did, “said the union. statement.

“Staff were under great stress on Tuesday night as 60 children were waiting for treatment in the emergency department of a women’s and children’s hospital or in bed after treatment.”

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