Have we ever been led by a worse prime minister than this vacuum?

Have you ever seen Australia’s less capable, thinner, overlapping and timid Prime Minister than Scott Morrison? until now?

According to a schedule announced by Scott Morrison, half of the country is blocked. Myself in march, Should have been given about 25 million Australian vaccinations. Morrison denies that such a schedule has ever existed. The current number of vaccinations is just over 10 million, and most of the population does not even have the first injection, as the delta variant produces hundreds of new cases a day.

Astonishingly — horrifying — outside the Northern Territory, 75% of senior care workers Not fully vaccinated.. More than half do not have the first jab. The entire government rollout for elderly care and housing disability care was promised by Morrison and Greg Hunt and was scheduled to take place and be messed up by the end of March.

The quarantine failures that caused the two recent outbreaks are in both the state government and Morrison. Neither was able to take advantage of last year’s successful pandemic response to provide insurance with better quarantine facilities than the city hotel’s tourist facilities.

Therefore, these blockades were primarily Morrison and his government’s failure to procure sufficient vaccines, his government’s failure to set up a quarantine facility with the state, and his government’s proposed schedule. I was unable to develop part of the vaccination program because of something like this.

However, Morrison refuses to accept responsibility and certainly refuses to apologize for such a terribly unsuccessful development. There are always other people who are held accountable. For the state, especially workers, Europeans, blood clots, and increasingly his vaccine advisory group, ATAGI.

Yesterday, he suffered criticism from conservative commentators that he was hiding while much of Australia’s east coast faced a crisis. Keep away from the Chief Medical Officer.

His media conference was to announce … nothing. He was there and offered a “little update”. This included claiming that everything was going well with rollouts and that the Commonwealth was rushing to provide financial assistance to those who were blocked.

“Now it’s exactly the same in every state, so let’s see how it’s done in each state,” Morrison said.

“In all states, those affected by the blockade have a federal hotspot definition in place, and payments are provided throughout the state through the partnerships I have been able to implement. Each of the state prime ministers recently So last night with Prime Minister Marshall. Therefore, all the affected states have the same rights … “

What does it mean for Daniel Andrews to jibe about the “Prime Minister of New South Wales”?

By the way, “all states need to raise immunization rates,” Morrison added later. Obviously, they disappointed Australia. Curiously, the grand and terrible failure to deploy in the care of the elderly and the disabled in housing was not mentioned by the Prime Minister. As many say so properly, he doesn’t have a syringe. Or many others.

This brings us to the problem that plagues Morrison — when his own vaccine advisory body claims that Pfizer is preferred by people under the age of 60, he wants people to pick up AstraZeneca. I will. Morrison wants it both ways, as many others have already pointed out since yesterday’s minutes.

He argued that it would be ridiculous to propose to a journalist to revoke ATAGI’s advice on AstraZeneca. After all, during the pandemic, Morrison claimed to be a humble politician following the advice of health experts. Climate experts, honesty experts, workplace harassment experts, energy experts, economic experts, they can sob.But Health expert?? Now, please tell me the height to jump.

But he also said he was attacking ATAGI, demanding that he constantly change his advice. “It’s a constant attraction,” he assured us. In other words, how much you dare to suggest not following the health advice I always request depends on the person who issues it.

Whether you’re happy to miss Morrison’s constant lies, or think that politics is constantly inducing profits and soft corruption, climate change is a hoax caused by financial wolves in the international market. Though I thought, Morrison’s devastating bangling vaccination deployment and quarantine-after the border was closed and the virus was overcome, he had enough time to plan and do it right. The low point of the modern Australian government, the sacrifice to economy and health is arguably even worse than the last great policy, the Iraq War.

Incompetent, thin-skinned, deceptive and timid — other prime ministers may have outperformed him in one of those characteristics. But Morrison is a complete non-leadership package that combines them all. His shortcomings as a politician-a tremendous lack of vision beyond holding power, an obsession with the surface-that cannot be simply guided-are combined with his obvious shortcomings as a person. There are: lies, refusal to accept responsibility, inner morals and intellectual vacuum.

As a result, Australia is in terrible hands when the virus is threatened to outbreak and the country is once again on the verge of recession.

Place of originHave we ever been led by a worse prime minister than this vacuum?

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