‘Halloween Kills’ Star Jamie Lee Curtis Shares 4 Things That Scare Her

Jamie Lee Curtis shared four things that scared her the most.

Curtis, 62 has already been a staple of horror movies for over 40 years. She has appeared in the “The Fog”, “Prom Night”, “Terror Train” and “Halloween” series. “Halloween Kills” was just a few days after its release, Curtis said: Entertainment tonight And shared four of her greatest fears. Check them out below.

horror film

Curtis described himself as “brave,” but he wasn’t interested in horror movies because he was “afraid of scary things.” According to her, when she was 15, her parents, actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, screened the movie The Exorcist. She was amazed at the movie, which urged her friends to make fun of her the next day. Curtis believes he is good at acting in horror movies because he always reacts real when he’s in a scary scene.

“I hate being scared of scary movies. I’m so scared. That’s why I’m good at it. [being in them].. It’s a natural reaction to me, “she said. EW..

She also joked that no one could pay her to go to a horror movie, but she could pay her to scare her.

“Mare of East Town”

Curtis saidMare in East Town“She loves good mysteries, but she couldn’t keep watching scary scenes. She admitted to covering her eyes and ears when scary music started.


Apart from the horrifying things she sees on TV, Curtis is afraid of anger. She quoted two of her “Halloween” movies by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride. The first followed Laurie Strode (Curtis), the only survivor of the murder that suffered PTSD while the criminal was in the hospital. She finally decided to regain her life. It was released almost at the same time as the #MeToo movement, but was created before that.

The duo made another movie, “Halloween Kills”. This is about anger and is a sequel to “Halloween”. There will be people who don’t trust the government or authorities, so they decide to do their own work. For Curtis, it was similar to what happened during the January parliamentary attack. According to her, the movie scared her because the characters were killing each other.

“Now, how did David Gordon Green and Danny McBride find out that the follow-up to trauma was furious?” She said. “So when asked what scares me, anger scares me. Unrestricted, unrestrained, out-of-heart anger creates a mob spirit and mob rule. It scares me. “

Night shoot

Curtis goes to bed early and doesn’t shoot or work at night. She declines movies with “night” in the title. For her, “shooting at night is physically painful.”

“Halloween Kills” will debut on October 15th at the theater and Peacock.

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