‘Grey’s Anatomy’ And Katherine Heigl At Odds Again Over Scrapped Farewell Episode

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Katherine Heigl finished “Grey’s Anatomy” in six seasons, speculating that she had clashed with the series’ creator, Shonda Rhimes.

Even in our wildest (Mc) dreams, no one expected Patrick Dempsey to return to “Grey’s Anatomy” after a controversy over his exit.

But we’re back at the end of the two-hour Season 17 premiere. Ellen Pompeo reunited with her on-screen husband, who died in a dream after the collapse (at least not a ghost?).

Following his appearance, many fans eventually picked up her own swan rhyme, given that Katherine Heigl left the show quite suddenly in friction with creator Shonda Rhimes. I’m wondering if I can put it in.

But showrunner Crysta Vernov concludes her fan’s favorite love story with Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) many years ago, centered around Heigl character Izzie Stevens. It turns out that I had already written a goodbye episode.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times released last week, Vernov claimed that Haigle had never appeared in the shoot.

“We were planning to come back to her for an episode and connect Izzy and Alex really well,” Vernov told the outlet. “I wrote that episode, and it was beautiful. The day before I started preparing and filming, I couldn’t remember, but I got a call saying Katie wouldn’t come. I just didn’t. I’m going to do it. There was no.”

“I don’t know what was happening in her life,” Vernov added. “I don’t know what led to that decision. What I know is the completion of her story arc the night before things were supposed to start shooting entirely around one character. , I got a call saying she wasn’t going to do it.

However, sources close to Haigle have argued against the story ever since.

“This explanation is not true. Crysta is wrong,” an unnamed source told Entertainment Weekly. “Catherine returned to Los Angeles after childcare leave (when she adopted her daughter).

One of the original cast members of a long-standing medical drama, Haigle remained on the ABC show from his debut in 2005 to 2010, ending in the middle of the sixth season.

At that time, rumors swirled that Haigle was trying to break the series contract after repeatedly despising the show in the press. Especially when I removed the name from the Emmy Awards consideration in 2008, I felt that the material was “no good reason”. name. “

Reports at the time reflected Vanov’s claim that Haigle did not appear in the shoot, but sources at the actor’s camp at the time claimed she was “ready to stay home and return to work.” did.

It’s very unlikely that Hygle will walk through the halls of Grace Lawn Memorial Hospital again, but Vernov says it’s “very moving and healing” to see old cast members like Dempsey on the set again. I did.

“This show has been running for 17 seasons. There were some dramas around some exits, and in the meantime there was enough years for everyone to grow. They grew and I understand what’s wrong, “she told the Los Angeles Times. “Every story always has two sides. It feels like homecoming.”

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