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Tiger Woods is a golf genius who hit the ball on television when he was only two years old, what he shares with the general public through a well-documented series of personal trials, and what. I learned how to keep myself.

He follows the same strategy as his 11-year-old son, Charlie. Charlie played with his famous father at an event in Florida this week and became viral on Friday due to the mysterious similarity of the pair’s golf swings.

Woods, the 15th major champion, was happy to talk about Charlie’s love for the game, but when the reporter asked about the contents of his bedroom, he drew a solid line.

But Woods said his son didn’t care about the camera following him this week.

“When I was 11, it was a completely different world,” Woods said.

“I was playing a lot of tournaments, but I wasn’t in front of media like this. It was very different. He handled this, played and became part of golf. And this is part of golf.

“It’s a lot of fun to see him enjoying the game. That’s the whole idea. Enjoy hitting shots and making those shots. I hope he enjoys sports. It’s very cool to see. “

And Woods said the future of golf wasn’t essential for his son, who looks absolutely natural like his father.

“My dad never played golf or cross-country skiing with me,” Woods said.

“As I said, as long as Charlie enjoys it, no matter what Charlie decides to do, and he’s doing it.”

But there is no doubt that he is talented.

Former world leader Justin Thomas said he had to beat Charlie on “Smack Talk” in a putting competition when he was only nine years old.

“Probably three years ago we held a putting contest at Tiger’s house. We are three,” he said.

“We played 9 holes and it was straight. He (Charlie) didn’t get any advantage. I think he was 8 or 9 at the time. That’s what I’m the best in the world. It was one of the three weeks I became.

“Charlie was leading the way into the last hole. Charlie said,” I’m here, I’m nine years old, the best player in the world, and probably defeating the best golfer ever. ” It was complete.

“He three putts, I made it, and I beat him. It silenced him pretty quickly.”

Thomas said the young Woods was as competitive as his fiercely driven father, and his father couldn’t oppose it.

“He’s competitive, yes, so is our whole family,” Woods said.

“It’s competitive for us. We’re enjoying it and trying to understand how to avoid it and win.”

First published because Tiger firmly rejected the “bedroom” question

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