Gold medal buyers set new record in Brisbane’s first auction as an Olympic city

On Wednesday night, bidders were auctioned to Lutwyche at 23 Damon Rd by car, electric scooter and on foot.

Within 30 minutes of Brisbane being named the host city of the Olympics, a young couple migrating from Perth won real estate money in the north of Brisbane, surpassing 21 competitors and surpassing the three-bedroom Rutice home. We purchased at record price.

A 1940s house in 23 Damon Rd, Lutwyche.

“I’m pregnant, so when the Olympics start, my baby will be 11 years old, so I’m just thinking about that. At that age, I was in Sydney for the Olympics,” said buyer Bron Windeen. Told.

“We are the buyers of gold medals.”

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Rear entertainment area.

The auction night crowd took over the house while preparing for the event. Meanwhile, the bid registration line extended from the rear kitchen to the adjacent living room.

Buyer’s agent has started bidding 23 Damon Rd, Lutwyche, For $ 1.3 million, we knocked out 20 bidders from the race from the beginning, and only one other was ready to offer more. The $ 1.35 million counter-bid was filled with a bid raised to $ 1.36 million. The auction was suspended to consult with the seller as there were no further offers.

Most of the bid paddles for this auction were unused and some were deposited at the front step when the auction was suspended for negotiation before the handler left the property.

Auctioneer Justin Nickerson resumed a few minutes after announcing the 433-square-meter property on the market and sold it to a couple who lived in Perth and returned to Brisbane at that price.

With a selling price of $ 1.36 million, it set a new record for Lutice homes of less than 600 square meters.

The property was last sold for $ 731,000 in 2010 and the seller remained in its original condition before approaching the secondary school catchment area.

Mr Nickerson said Brisbane’s real estate market should expect further scrutiny from abroad following the announcement of the host city of the 2032 Olympics.

“When people think of Australia, they think of Sydney or the Great Barrier Reef, but Brisbane is not so well known, so I’m sure the Olympics will help,” Nickerson said.

“Whether it leads to people who want to live here, it can’t do any harm. More powerful is infrastructure, better transportation, everything that gives people confidence in investing in real estate. It’s a flow of things. “

The house has been in tremendous interest since it went on the market last Wednesday.

The main selling point was the proximity to Kedron Brook.

Distributor Gary Jones introduces 119 buyers at Highset’s home, receives 16 pre-auction offers, and then advances the auction date from July 31st to last night for a 7-day auction campaign. I made it.

The house is ready for a touch of renovators.

Place of originGold medal buyers set new record in Brisbane’s first auction as an Olympic city

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