‘Glitchy’ G2G Now app tells man to leave quarantine on second day

A 44-year-old woman who returned to Perth on January 4 after visiting her sick father in Victoria notified authorities of the problem, but said she was worried that she had erased it as a system malfunction. Told.

“It’s pretty serious because if someone has a COVID and they go out into the community, no one seems to care about it. It’s really a bit painful,” he said. ..

“In my opinion, I could have gone out of the door and got out of the store.”

Kay was aware of his quarantine requirements and continued to quarantine at home regardless of the app’s notifications, but worried that other returnees would receive the same message and shorten the quarantine. did.

“It just ridicules the system as I see it,” he said.

In Kensington, yoga instructor Diane, who didn’t want her surname to be published, said she was flooded with warnings that she was at home but not at the designated address.

“It’s pretty stressful,” said the three mothers.

“When I have to take a selfie and submit, they send me a message that I’m not at my place, and I have to explain why I’m not at my house I can’t. “

According to Diane, the app registered an address on the other side of the Canning Highway, about 1 km from his actual home, but officials said it was just an error.

The 52-year-old also said she had been warned that she had not been tested for the virus within two days of arriving in the state, despite being wiped by a nurse at Perth Airport.

The criminal at this time appeared to be an old medical record that registered Diane with a former married name that legally changed in 2005.


Other Western Australians using the G2G Now app claim to have been notified that their check-in deadline has passed, but have been asked to check in to the app even once after arriving at WA. Some people don’t.

The app was deployed by WA police in September to streamline the quarantine process and free police officers to visit the homes of quarantined people.

Developed by local tech company GenVis, this app is optional and anyone who chooses not to opt in can continue to undergo a direct police compliance check.

G2G Now has received overwhelmingly negative reviews on both the App Store and Play Store, and one user said the software “has more bugs than the cockroach epidemic.”

A spokeswoman for Mark Magawan’s office said the app was the responsibility of the WA police and did not comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, WA police did not direct users affected by the technical issue to the help request form on the app’s website to reveal if they were aware of the bug.

“WA police are working with GenVis to ensure that the G2G Now application continues to work effectively and support people who are directed to self-quarantine,” said a spokesman.

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