Gihan Kerollos: Husband Mourad pleads not guilty to murder on mental illness grounds

He dialed a triple 0 and “killed his wife,” the court heard, after Moulad Keroros stabbed and killed his wife Gihan when he resigned from management at a hospital in Sydney in 2019.

Former Auburn Hospital guards were found near the car, along with a knife and a bottle of semi-finished whiskey minutes after calling, prosecutor Pat Barrett said on Tuesday at the New South Wales Supreme Court. Told to.

Later, a police statement said Mr. Keroros drank four or five glasses of spirit that night, adding that “it was after I did what I did.”

Gihan Keroros, also known as “ Gigi,” is dead with a Coles shopping bag covering his head outside Randwick’s Prince of Wales Hospital around 8:40 pm on May 18, 2019. It was discovered.

The 48-year-old mother, three beloved members of Sydney’s Copt community, had multiple puncture wounds on her neck.

Keroros has been charged with her murder and has been tried in the New South Wales Supreme Court, acquitting her on the basis of her mental illness.

media_cameraGihan Keroros, also known as “Gigi,” died on May 18, 2019, around 8:40 pm, outside Randwick’s Prince of Wales Hospital with a Coles shopping bag on his head. It was discovered.Facebook

The King’s case is the culmination of months of unstable and disciplined action, constantly accusing Mr. Keroros of having cheated on his wife and stealing his car key by looking at the phone.

Witnesses to the crown of psychiatrist expert Kelly Eagle are expected to testify that he was experiencing psychotic disorders, potentially schizophrenia, at the time.

With the help of an interpreter, Keroros watched the minutes via a video link from Longbay Prison.

The court heard that he wanted to keep an eye on the lawyer from prison, but for the rest of the trial, acting judge Peter Hidden ordered him to be taken to court.

Barrett told the court that the relationship between the Keroros, who had been married for 20 years, began to deteriorate in 2015.

He told the court that after Keroros had an affair in 2016 and 2017, the two began to sleep in different bedrooms.

Prosecutors said the pair’s debate, primarily about how stubborn Mr. Keroros was, escalated 12 months before Mrs. Keroros was killed.

“The accused wanted to know everything about what his son and his wife were doing,” he said.

“During the last year of their marriage, he began to look up Gihan’s phone. He told his son he was doing so to see who she was contacting. “

By February 2019, the court heard that the couple had decided to divorce.

According to Barrett, a few weeks before Mrs. Keroros died, she used public transport instead of driving as usual.

“She told her son Paul that the accused had the car key. The accused told his son that it wasn’t his job,” he said.

Barrett said it was not a problem for Keroros to inflict multiple puncture wounds that caused Mrs. Keroros’ death, but he was so mentally ill that he could not be held criminally liable for the act. He said it didn’t matter if it was.

The court also considers whether he should be convicted of manslaughter rather than murder on the basis of substantial impairment.

Dr. Eagle, who will testify Thursday, will say that Keroros had a “delusional” belief that his wife was having an affair, Barrett said. This is a phenomenon known as “Othello Syndrome”.

She will give evidence that Mr. Keroros’s illness meant that his judgment, reasoning, and understanding of events were impaired.

The trial continues.

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Place of originGihan Kerollos: Husband Mourad pleads not guilty to murder on mental illness grounds

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