Genomics industry making headlines at HealthData21

Australia’s new Genomics Industry Alliance, InGeNAFirst gathers representatives from key sectors of diagnostics, pathology, technology and pharmaceuticals National conference May 27-28 in Melbourne.

Genomics is the focus of the first day of the Annual Health Data Conference. Australian Digital Health Institute (AIDH), HealthData21. Hon Jaala Pulford, Minister of Innovation, Medical Research and Digital Economy in Victoria will meet and will be attended by Professor Kathryn North AC, Australian Genomics Leader.

David Bunker, Chair of InGeNA, said the industry group wants to help realize an accurate vision of health. Australian citizens are the beneficiaries of a healthcare system that fully integrates genomics into DNA.

“The genomics industry plays a key role in realizing the potential for integration into genomics medicine and its healthcare,” said Banker.

“Develop an evidence base to support the use of genomics, establish appropriate policies and a mature data infrastructure to integrate genomics into healthcare, and prepare employees to provide care in an era of precision health. I need an agenda to make sure it’s done. “

He said the industry will work with state and federal governments, consumer organizations, academia and professional agencies through InGeNA to help Australia become a global leader in the adoption of genomics in healthcare and accelerate the potential benefits of genomics. He said he would work.

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Genomics industry making headlines at HealthData21 Source link Genomics industry making headlines at HealthData21

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