Generals ‘should be very careful about what they say’ about China

When commenting on China’s “gray zone” tactics that could lead to war, Australia’s Greg Sheridan said the military “generals need to be very careful about what they say.” “The’gray zone’is a conflict zone actually completed by China and Russia, below the threshold that triggers a US response,” he said. “Russians in Ukraine and Crimea were able to use people without Russian military uniforms to deny that they were actually Russian soldiers.” Chinese in the South China Sea were, in effect, We are conducting military operations using ships of the Chinese Navy. Operationally, they paint them different colors and say they are Coast Guard ships. “This is a paramilitary action and could be a cyberattack, or usually a direct military intervention at sea against someone other than the United States, and if there is a plausible denial, the United States will respond. It does not trigger. ”

Place of originGenerals ‘should be very careful about what they say’ about China

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