Gabby Petito case exposes dark side of van life

After the shocking death of Gabby Petito, talk began to flow about one dark side of the latest trends in the Internet.

She trembled when she discovered that popular van life blogger Nikita Crump had the exact same white Ford Transit van as Gabby Petit.

“It’s like knowing that your quarters have the same bones, the same square feet,” Crump, 30, told a post in Yosemite National Park. “I went one step further to connect with someone who has the same car, and I felt I would probably have met her in the end if this didn’t happen.”

The Van Life community is involved in the murder of Gabby Petit, a 22-year-old woman who has never returned home from a road trip with her fiancé Brian Laundry. Petit’s body was found at a campsite in Wyoming on September 19, leaving Laundry, the person involved in the incident, missing.

A lawyer in his family confirmed that Laundry had left home Without a wallet or cell phone on the day he disappeared..

On summer social media, Petite posted a photo of herself and Laundry smiling in front of a beautiful landscape, but the moment of such a photo seems to have hidden the darker truth about her life on the road. is.

Van’s life is gaining momentum in the pandemic, and young people are freed from clerical work and are about to travel by car. On Instagram alone, there are 11 million posts tagged with #vanlife, many featuring young and nifty travelers in front of beautiful scenery. But people in the community quickly realize that the lifestyle isn’t just created on Instagram, but a dangerous lower abdomen lurks beneath it.

“People say,’You are living your dreams, you are living the best life,’ and it’s like’No, I’m having a hard time,'” said a road trip for about two years. Said Crump doing. TikTok has 1 million followers.. “Not everything is lucky.”

The 165 cm, 52 kg clamp, which travels primarily alone, has endured many incidents of a creepy man threatening her with rough comments and scared her life. She sleeps with the key within reach in case she needs to leave immediately.

About a year ago, when a sketchy man seemed to be roaming a van, she was filming a BuzzFeed video and immediately snuggled up to her and asked for an itinerary. After finishing the video, she ran away looking at her back.

“I looked at all the vehicles and people and confirmed that it wasn’t him,” she said. “I thought about calling the cops, but I wasn’t sure if it was dramatic and a waste of time. In the future, I should definitely call them.”

More recently, she was traveling with another young woman, 22-year-old Billy Webb from Indiana. They both parked in St. Louis and Webb forgot to cover the van windows at night. At 2 am she woke up with a knock.

“This guy takes out his genitals and rubs them against my window,” Webb recalled. The two made a quick decision to drive the car immediately. “This was one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had.”

Other Van Life people note that they are always vigilant. Sunny Flaherty (24), who has been out with her boyfriend Jordan Summerlin (26) for the past five years, recalled a horrifying incident a few years ago. She and her friend’s caravan were swarming around a campfire in the Arizona desert when a menacing man approached the group.

He strummed you and “threatening the bus to burn out in the camp,” she said. The group quickly ran away. “There is a rule that if any of us have strange feelings, we will all leave,” Fraherty said. “I still use that rule to keep myself safe.”

Dodging the chilling psychopaths is not the only worry.

“During the day, I have subconscious stress on my shoulders. I’m worried about where to take a shower and use the bathroom that day .. Or if I get punctured,” Crump said. But to create content for YouTube and other sites, she needs to look happy.

“It’s challenging and weird to do the work you always expect to be this chipper,” Crump said. “I don’t always want to shoot myself to show a part of my life. It’s stressful, annoying, and a little sick. It’s one thing to be a chipper while working at a retail store and at the cashier. That being said, being in your space and forging your happiness is different. “

Amber, the author of the popular Always the Adventure blog, agreed.

Gabby Petito and boyfriend Brian Laundrie shared an idyllic shot of this summer’s cross-country adventure.

Such cases and the life of a typical van can be particularly burdensome to relationships.

“If you’re in a small space with someone, it’s a disaster recipe,” Fraherty said. “Dealing with a partner can definitely be difficult. Imagine when your car breaks down and you have nowhere to live. Sometimes you just sleep in a Wal-Mart parking lot.”

Amber traveling with her boyfriend for the past two years in connection with police body camera footage Of the emotional controversy between Petito and Laundrie Taken on August 12 in Moab, Utah.

“The picture is real. I understand it — when nothing goes wrong, I experience those really stressful days. You just had a bad week, and everything goes wrong “She said. “Things can feel that way and you can cry by the side of the road.”

Billy Webb experienced “one of the most horrifying experiences he’s ever had” with an unwanted intruder last year. Courtesy @billiewebb

She warns those who are thinking of hitting the road on their own. It’s not all desert views or sunsets over the mountaintops.

“I think people go into van life trying to escape and that’s an escape from life. It’s not,” she said. “It’s another way to live it. High and low.”

This article was originally New York post Reissued with permission

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