Frustrated locals bite as Regional Victorian city of Ballarat enters lockdown

Entering the lockdown tonight, there was a long line in a major Victorian provincial town. But that’s good news for residents of another city.

After more than a year, the residents of the major Victorian regional centers were blocked without a single incident, leaving a long line at the test site.

Starting Wednesday night at 11:59 pm, Ballarat residents will face almost the same restrictions as Melbourne residents after a sudden explosion of Covid-19 cases in the area.

The only restriction they do not face is the controversial curfew.

The curfew is expected to continue until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, September 22, but residents are not satisfied. Rep. Louise Staley of Ripon describes this as “a tragic event for Ballarat’s residents and businesses.”

Ballarat recorded four cases, but authorities fear the spread of the virus as multiple exposure sites and wastewater were detected in the area.

“The constant entry and exit of the blockage is neither fair nor sustainable,” said Ms. Starry.

“National planning should continue with vaccination as a top priority.”

In Ballarat, there are only five reasons to leave home, and shopping and exercise are subject to a 5 km travel limit, which is tightened.

“It was a very big day for Ballarat to announce that it would return to the blockade for at least seven days from midnight tonight,” said Ballarat Mayor Daniel Moloney. “This is very disappointing news for most people. Even if the wastewater test for the past week has been positive, few would be surprised after the positive cases were announced yesterday and today.”

He urged the community to “keep it safe” and take the test.

Shadow Infrastructure Minister Catherine King said returning to the blockade was “frustrating.”

she said Sky news “We shouldn’t be here more than 18 months after the pandemic occurred,” but “there’s nothing we can do to change the past.

“By staying at home and following the advice, you can save lives here in Ballarat.”

Despite anger, Victoria’s chief health officer, Professor Brett Sutton, said the blockade would “most likely reopen the city in the shortest possible time.” Said.

“Sepparton has shown us the way, which means that we can control dozens, dozens of cases, and even delta variants,” he said.

When Ballarat enters the blockade, Victoria’s provincial city of Shepparton will be released tonight.

In Shepparton, residents are released from the siege, but are now under control under the same restrictions as in other parts of Victoria after the 112 siege on September 1. ..

Currently, there are 61 active cases in Victoria, most of which are in Shepparton, but are already under quarantine.

The rules include reopening venues with limited capacity.

“It’s great news for Shepparton, not so great for the people of Ballarat,” Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said Wednesday.

“Allowing escape in parts of Victoria poses a threat and risk to Victoria as a whole. It cannot be achieved.

“Sepparton shows that it can block, unite, support and provide basic control over the outbreak.”

Victoria recorded 423 cases of coronavirus and 2 deaths on Wednesday, with more than 4000 active infections.

Five of those cases occurred in the areas of Ballarat and Geelong.

at first Victoria’s provincial city of Shepparton remains blocked when Ballarat enters

Place of originFrustrated locals bite as Regional Victorian city of Ballarat enters lockdown

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