French Film Giant Gerard Depardieu Charged With Rape

French film giant Gerard Depardieu has been charged with rape and sexual assault, judicial sources told AFP on Tuesday. This is the latest in a series of such claims against French celebrities.

Depardieu, one of the most famous actors of his generation, has been accused of attacking and raping an actress in his twenties in 2018.

The first investigation into the rape accusation against 72-year-old Depardieu was stopped in 2019 due to lack of evidence.

However, judicial sources said it resumed last summer and criminal charges were filed in December.

The actress accuses Depardieu of raping and assaulting her at her home in Paris on two separate occasions in August 2018.

Depardieu’s lawyer, Herve Semime, told AFP that the free but judicial-supervised actor “denies the accusation altogether.”

According to sources close to the case, Depardieu is a friend of the actress’s family.

Some reports suggest that Depardieu and the actress are rehearsing the theater scene, but sources said “there were no experts on the encounter.”

Female lawyer Elodie Tuaillon-Hibon told AFP that she wanted the client’s “private territory to be respected” as the case progressed.

Depardieu’s lawyer said he would “totally refuse the accusation.”
AFP / Tiziana FABI

In addition to being a superstar in his home country for a long time, Depardieu is one of France’s most famous foreign actors.

He has been acclaimed for French films such as “The Last Metro” and “Jean de Florette”, but has appeared in various English films such as the romantic comedy “Green Card” and the movie version “Green Card”. Hamlet “.

But during his career, he was often involved in headlined scandals.

He is the father of four, including actor Guillaume Depardieu, who died in 2008.

Just over three years after the #MeToo movement broke the taboo over rape around the world, France has a wide range of stories and widespread debates about sex, power and consent.

Every week, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, one of the country’s most famous television presenters, became the latest person to be accused of rape, bringing new revelations to the rich and powerful.

And last week, former French Minister Georges Tron was in prison for three years after a court was found guilty of raping an employee during a “foot massage” at his office and co-defendant’s home. I started serving prison.

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