France’s Divisive Ex-president Shadowed By Legal Woes

Nicolas Sarkozy, who ruled France as a tough right-wing president from 2007 to 2012, is considered by supporters to be the dynamic savior of his country, but critics are vulgar and plagued by corruption. It is considered a populist.

A three-year prison sentence for corruption on Monday by a French court has put an end to his ambitions to return to politics, and although he may never go to jail, his career is now It means that it is hidden by legal disgrace.

The man, who was willing to allow him to be called the “super-president” because he failed to win his second mission in the 2012 elections, was absorbed in legal issues but still maintained his right-hand support. ..

During his five-year term, Sarkozy, 66, took strict policies on immigration, security and national identity.

After taking office as president at the age of 52, Sarkozy was initially considered to have infused the long-awaited dynamism, brought a splash to the international scene and captivated the corporate world.

However, his presidency was overshadowed by the 2008 financial crisis, and he resigned with the least popularity of post-war French leaders.

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France from 2007 to 2012, has been involved in proceedings since his resignation.

“Special link”

After suffering a humiliating defeat in the 2012 presidential election to socialist Francois Hollande, he became the first president to be denied a second term since Valerie Jiscard Destin (1974-1981). Sarkozy made a famous promise. Already me. “

The prediction turned out to be premature.

His ongoing legal affairs and his marriage to former top model Carla Bruni have ensured that the man known as “Sarco” has gained public attention.

Few people were surprised when he gained a conservative UMP party leader since he returned to front-line politics in 2014 and renamed Republican (LR).

He placed a new bid for the president in 2016, trying to fill the “glittering” image of his love for high life and establishing himself as a down-and-out advocate for the elite.

Sarkozy didn’t even pass the LR primary, but despite his defeat, he remained very popular on the right.

“I have a special connection with the French. It may grow or tighten, but it does exist,” said the former president at the time.

Sarkozy has been married to former top model Carla Bruni since 2008

Sarkozy has been married to former top model Carla Bruni since 2008
AFP / Bertland Langlois

Even today, there was no clear candidate for the right to assume President Emmanuel Macron in 2022, leaving a whisper that Sarkozy may want another crack in the president.

Le Monde remained on the “reference map” on the right on Monday, saying that key figures in Macron’s Centrist government, such as Prime Minister Jean Castex and Interior Minister Gerald Dalmanin, are Sarkozy’s close allies.

Last summer, a line of fans lined up to sign his latest memoir, The Time of Storms. This has surpassed the best-selling list for several weeks.

But that conviction (the second time it was handed over to the modern French president after being given to his teacher Jacques Chirac) would probably end all such speculation.

‘beat it’

Born January 28, 1955, football enthusiast and cycling enthusiast is an atypical French politician.

Sarkozy, the son of the father of a Hungarian immigrant, has a law degree, but unlike most of his peers, it is a dilapidated production line for future French leaders, the French National Administration Academy (ENA). Did not attend.

He has played many roles: mayor, MP, minister, party leader, head of state. He is characterized by being loved as enthusiastically as he is despised by others.

Sarkozy, an energetic orator, has a nasty style that is seen by admirers as an asset, but is held responsible by critics who blame his apparent lack of self-control. ..

Few people forgot to visit the 2008 Agricultural Show in Paris when they said to a man who refused to shake hands, “I’m lost and ridiculous.”

A series of other legal issues awaits. On March 17, he will face a second trial over charges of fraudulent spending due to a failed reelection in 2012.

He was also charged with receiving millions of euros from Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi in the 2007 campaign.

And in January, prosecutors launched another investigation into Sarkozy’s alleged influence over advisory work in Russia.

Sarkozy denied the claim and accused the judiciary of capturing him.

France’s Divisive Ex-president Shadowed By Legal Woes Source link France’s Divisive Ex-president Shadowed By Legal Woes

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