Former Melbourne school principal Malka Leifer to stand trial on 70 child sex abuse charges

The allegations relate to sisters Dassie Arich, Nicole Meyer and Erie Sapper in Leifer’s time at the Adas Israel School in Melbourne from 2004 to 2008.

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Justice of the Peace Johanna Metcalf said he believed that the evidence presented at the hearings heard from all three sisters in a private court was of sufficient weight to support the conviction.

Leifer’s proceedings will be sent to the county court in Victoria for the first hearing on October 21.

At a hearing on Thursday, Arich’s ex-husband, Joshua Arich, provided evidence of a “panic” call made by his wife to his sister Nicole Meyer when he lived in Israel in 2008.

Ms. Erlich met with social worker Chana Rabinowitz, who had previously counseled students at the Adsas Israel School.

He said he heard a phone call between his sisters after a session. There, it seemed that he was “panicked” about what his wife had told Rabinowitz about his relationship with Raifer.

Sisters Erie Sapil, Dassie Arich and Nicole Meyer said they were hurt but not broken by the fight to bring Marca Reifer to trial.

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“She was very worried about what would happen next and didn’t understand why it was taken so seriously.”

He said Ms. Arich tried to persuade Ms. Rabinowitz to do nothing about it, but she also believed that her sister Nicole had confirmed that the information could be substantiated.

Erlich said he believed Nicole had confirmed the information (not detailed in the public court) and had notified the school’s managers.

Leifer evacuated in 2008 and returned to Israel before being charged. She was handed over to Australia earlier this year to face prosecution.

The couple then divorced and began divorce proceedings in 2011. After that, Ms. Arich decided to move away from religious observance.

Erlich said Erlich had previously explained that Leifer had replaced her mother and shared that the school had given her sisters a break from trouble with their mother at home.

He said he heard Raifer hugging her, rubbing her thighs and giving her “special attention”, but didn’t think she was particularly worried.

“I would have been worried if she had said it was under clothes or of that nature,” he said.

“I don’t think she told me that.”

Leifer is detained at the Dame Phyllis Frost Center, a women’s prison in Melbourne.

Readers seeking help can contact 13 11 14 Lifeline Crisis Support, 1300 659 467 Suicide Callback Services, and 1800 55 1800 Kids Helpline for young people ages 5-25. For more information, please visit the following URL: When

Anyone seeking information or support regarding sexual abuse can contact Bravehearts at 1800 272831 or Blue Knot at 1300 657 380.

Place of originFormer Melbourne school principal Malka Leifer to stand trial on 70 child sex abuse charges

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