Football 2021: Erik Paartalu, India quarantine, COVID-19 deaths, seven months, Indian Super League, Bengalaru, Socceroo, IPL, Michael Slater

A former Socceroo player attacked the Australian government after spending more than half a year quarantining a hotel.

Former Socceroo Erik Paartalu has revealed that he has been trapped in a hotel for the past seven months due to the COVID-19 crisis in India.

Playing two games in Socceroos in 2013, 119 caps in Brisbane Roar and Melbourne City’s A-League, and stints around the world, Patal will play in the Indian Super League Bangalore.

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Partal fell into the club’s biosecurity bubble on February 26, despite the club’s last match of the Indian season on February 26, after the club failed to qualify, and Bangalore on May 11 in the Maldives. Preparing for the AFC Cup qualifying match against the Club Eagles.

The AFC Cup is a secondary club tournament in Asia, with the winner participating in the AFC Champions League.

Patal is stuck while other foreign players are at the top of the season.

Last week he attacked the Australian government After the Morrison administration Opponents of travel bans that prevent Australians from returning from India were fined up to $ 66,600 or five years in prison.

The outbreak of COVID-19 in India 400,000 new cases on Sunday Alone, the country recorded more than 3,000 deaths per day last week.

These are also believed to be underreported, A world shocked by the death scene Come out of the country.

On April 30, Patal expressed disappointment at being stuck in the disaster-stricken country.

“As an Australian who has lived and worked in India for four years, I have never felt so far from feeling an Australian. How to refuse a citizen’s return, especially if hotel quarantine is in place. I don’t know, “he wrote.

It happened after Australian cricket stars Adam Zampa and Kane Richardson exposed a loophole in closing the border with India. Returned from IPL via Doha last week..

The loophole was quickly closed and gateway destinations such as Doha, Dubai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur also stopped traveling.

It led to an extraordinary fuss from the great Michael Slater of Australian cricket who was commenting on IPL.

Slater has found a way to the Maldives. There he stayed until he could return to Australia and Barbaric Australian Government on Twitter..

Slater tweeted on Monday night. “If our government cares about the safety of Australians, they will allow us to go home. It’s embarrassing!

“PM that bleeds into your hands. You dare to treat us this way. Why don’t you organize your quarantine system?

“I got the government’s permission to work on the IPL, but now there is government negligence.”

But, Sydney Morning Herald, Patal revealed that he had been in a biosecure bubble since the beginning of the Indian Super League season and could only move from his hotel room to either train or play.

He admitted that the team was relatively lucky, but some of his teammates lost their families to the virus.

Partal was also separated from his family in Sydney and his wife in Scotland while he was stuck in India.

“It’s scary to say, but I don’t think anyone is dealing with it,” Patal said. “You pass the point where it just gets tired. We’re all past that point and it’s really sad normal. You have a fixed routine every day: you wake up , Have breakfast, go to training, go to the gym, go back to the hotel, eat and sleep. “

Place of originFootball 2021: Erik Paartalu, India quarantine, COVID-19 deaths, seven months, Indian Super League, Bengalaru, Socceroo, IPL, Michael Slater

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