Flight Centre Travel Group updates CX and operations with K2 Cloud

Flight Center Travel Group has updated its customer experience (CX) to improve operational efficiency with Nintex’s K2 cloud.

The Flight Center Travel Group, which has a large global sales network, received an overwhelming number of cancellation requests in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company needed to find a quick and efficient way to support more than 800 customers, especially when the US-Canada border was closed for the first time this year.

Organizations leverage K2Cloud to automatically route changes to a single, expert FlightCenter team with all the tools and policies they need to handle changes quickly and improve the customer experience. I developed and started a form process.

To date, the form has been used more than 60,000 times, helping to reduce customer downtime and potential frustration, the company said.

Josh Waldo, Chief Customer Officer of Nintex, said:

“By using easy-to-use and powerful digital process automation software like K2Cloud to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, the Flight Center Travel Group is quickly digitized for a better experience for corporate travelers. Provided. “

The Flight Center Travel Group has modernized its operations to improve the consistency and transparency of the entire process to enhance the corporate travel customer experience.

In the past, like most companies, information was tracked and shared between spreadsheets, forms, and third-party tools, and there was no single source of truth.

As a result, team members spend time managing repetitive and complex processes, delaying a good customer experience, the company said.

Shaun Clear, Head of Global Operations at FCM Travel Solutions, said: “I wanted to improve the process efficiency of the entire organization.

“For better standardization and transparency, we needed a consistent and streamlined way to accurately capture all the information in a sharable way.

“The K2 Cloud gives us the ability to quickly and quickly address many operational issues that help us focus on the most important parts of our business and the travel customers that are why we exist. Gave me. “

The company previously used an internal technology called “HUB” to build corporate travel client sites to profile individual travelers such as mileage information, seat and dining preferences, credit card numbers, and ID cards. I kept it safe.

This process worked for travelers, but it was difficult to build and maintain because the Flight Center Travel Group team needed a 100% manual process to build all the new sites.

Nick Williams, Head of Digital Workplace for Flight Center Travel Group, said: “For example, we currently have one customer who needs 400 sites. This is a huge task if one build usually takes about 30-45 minutes.

“To meet the demand, we needed to add an intelligent automation layer to the process, so we decided to use K2 software.

“K2Cloud allows you to collect customer information, configure it with RPA, and build your site automatically without human supervision.

“This is truly transformative for the team and helps them focus on more strategic projects such as improving the customer experience and improving the business potential.”

Flight Centre Travel Group updates CX and operations with K2 Cloud Source link Flight Centre Travel Group updates CX and operations with K2 Cloud

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