Five killed in Norway bow-and-arrow attack, man arrested

According to police, a man armed with a bow and arrow killed five people and injured two in southeastern Norway on Wednesday. He added that he had arrested the suspect.

The motives for the attacks that took place in several parts of the town center of Kongsburg are still unknown, but police said terrorism could not be ruled out yet.

One of the injured was an off-duty police officer in the store, one of several places attacked.

“Given how the incident unfolded, it’s natural to assess whether this is a terrorist attack,” he said.

Norwegian intelligence PST had been warned, spokesman Martin Bernsen told AFP.

Police said the suspect had been taken to a police station in the nearby town of Drammen, but did not reveal any other details about the man, including whether he had previously been known to authorities.

“These events shake us,” said Prime Minister Erna Solberg on the last day of his inauguration.

-An arrow that pierces the wall-

Police urged the general public to stay home, some areas were blocked, and television footage showed ambulances and armed police in the area.

A helicopter and bomb squad were also dispatched to the scene.

In other pictures of the scene, I could see what looked like a competition-grade arrow lying on the ground.

Breivik first fired a bomb in Oslo, next to the building where the Prime Minister’s Office is located, and then fought a gun battle at a summer camp for left-wing youth on Utoya.

However, he shot and killed his sister-in-law, who was adopted from China, for what prosecutors called “racist acts.”

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at first Norwegian bow and arrow attack kills 5 people, arrests man

Place of originFive killed in Norway bow-and-arrow attack, man arrested

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