Federal government to create new natural disaster agency

Over $ 500 million will be given to a new agency that oversees the state’s response to large-scale natural disasters to help restore and rebuild communities.

The federal government has established the National Resilience Agency (NRRA) to provide relief to the community and advise on ways to mitigate the effects of future weather events, following one of the recommendations of the Royal Commission for Wildfires. I will.

$ 600 million will be given to fund projects for wildfire and cyclone-resistant homes and to build embankments in disaster-prone areas.

Funding will also be directed towards improving telecommunications infrastructure to withstand disasters.

“In the last two years, Australians have faced floods, wildfires, cyclones, droughts, and now the COVID-19 outbreak, keeping Australians safe and helping to restore communities and regions across Australia. I am determined to do so, “said Scott Morrison in a statement.

A harsh reality for some of Australia’s wildfire survivors
Ronnie Eagles outside the burnout caravan.
Ronnie and Trevor live in a caravan without flushing water or toilets. This is a daily reality for some wildfire survivors.

The two existing recovery agencies are under the umbrella of the new government agency. The National Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency (NDNQFRRA) and the National Bushfire Recovery Agency.

The Bushfire Recovery Agency’s $ 2 billion fund management will be passed on to the new agency.

NRRA will also be responsible for long-term reconstruction efforts in communities affected by the recent East Coast floods and Western Australian cyclones.

During the March flood, about 82,000 gigaliters of water (about 160 times the water in Sydney Harbor) fell into New South Wales during the week, according to the Meteorological Department.

Then, in early April, after a town in the Midwest of Australia was struck by the tropical cyclone Seroha, the Australian Defense Force was dispatched to the Midwest to help rebuild it.

NDNQFRRA Coordinator-Former Northern Territory Prime Minister and Liberal President General Shane Stone will oversee the new agency.

Australian Climate Services for better matching of data

The federal government also announces the creation of the Australian Climate Service to better collate data to inform emergency management policies.

An important recommendation of the Royal Commission for Wildfires was to create a national data system that would allow easy sharing of climate change information between different jurisdictions.

Many argue that Australia needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, but the report’s 80 recommendations are aimed at stopping global warming. there is no.

Extreme rains and floods struck New South Wales earlier this year. Photo: Getty

The final report also acknowledged evidence that climate change continues to increase the frequency and intensity of natural disasters throughout Australia.

In a statement, Environment Minister Susan Lee said data from climate services will be used for future electricity, water, telecommunications infrastructure, and housing planning.

“Climate change is facing more extreme meteorological phenomena, which is to be able to prepare and take steps to make the community more resilient.” She said.

“The collaboration of the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, ABS and Geoscience Australia is important to provide a wealth of insights from a wide range of data sources.”

An additional $ 4.5 million will be devoted to training people working in disaster recovery to help local communities prepare for high-risk risks.

Overall, the Royal Commission on the National Natural Disaster Agreement made 80 recommendations, of which about 55 were somehow involved in the federal government.

The government announced full or principled support for most of these 55 recommendations, but excluded the establishment of a sovereign aerial firefighter.


Federal government to create new natural disaster agency Source link Federal government to create new natural disaster agency

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