Federal government ‘got it wrong’ with ‘distressing’ messaging on India travel ban

AMA Vice President Dr. Chris Moy said the federal government was “wrong” about the “disastrous” message over India’s travel ban and the possible fines and imprisonment for Australians to return home. I will. Under Biosecurity Act, the federal government threatened Australians returning from India with a $ 66,000 fine or five years’ imprisonment during a two-week travel ban. But on Tuesday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison admitted that those caught on their way home were “almost unlikely” to be imprisoned or fined. “To ensure that AMA supported the suspension, basically quarantine the hotel showing a serious leak due to the number of cases and the potential for increased infectivity of some variants. I confirmed, “said Dr. Moi. “But we think the message was pretty poor … and they made a mistake.” Hotel quarantine is problematic and needs to be fixed in the short term, but in the long term The solution also needs to be considered: “Because they are Australians and our brothers and sisters, we need to regain those vulnerable Australians.”

Place of originFederal government ‘got it wrong’ with ‘distressing’ messaging on India travel ban

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