Faith-based hospitals should be free to ‘conscientiously object’ to euthanasia

Caroline Marcus, a senior reporter at Sky News, says she believes that faith-based hospitals should be able to “refuse conscientious objectors” to euthanasia at the facility.

“I’m not religious, but I think they should be able to make a conscientious objection to military service based on their own principles,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray.

She said the same principles that allow people to make free choices about what to do with their bodies should apply to the rights of hospitals to oppose.

“It’s difficult because a quarter of the beds in Queensland are in these faith-based hospitals, but I think we should be given the right to do so,” Marcus said.

“And people need to make decisions about where to get care based on how important it is to them.”

Place of originFaith-based hospitals should be free to ‘conscientiously object’ to euthanasia

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