Facebook to reinstate Aussie news after government amends code

Facebook will bring Australian news back on its platform after the Morrison government has agreed to further revise the mandatory media negotiation code.

Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg confirmed a last-minute law change this afternoon after several days of negotiations with social media giants.

“These fixes will make the digital platform and news media business clearer about how code works and strengthen the framework to ensure that the news media business is paid fairly,” he said. I will.

“The government has been advised by Facebook that it plans to restore the Australian news page in the next few days.”

The amendment gives parties more time to mediate the contract before entering into binding arbitration.

The change also clarifies the government’s role in considering commercial transactions between the parties and notifies the digital platform one month in advance before it is officially designated under the Code.

Facebook said it was pleased to reach an agreement with the government as a result of discussions between the treasurer and telecommunications minister Paul Fletcher.

“As a result of further discussion, the Australian Government has agreed to a number of changes and warranties that address key concerns about allowing commerce to recognize the value that the platform provides to publishers compared to the value it receives from publishers. I’m happy with it, “said the company.

“As a result of these changes, we are able to drive investment in public journalism and restore Facebook news for Australians in the coming days.”

This happens after Facebook removed all news from the Australian page last Thursday. SA Health and Meteorological Bureau – Catch up with the news ban.

Facebook then revived the “carelessly” affected page, “The law does not provide clear guidance on the definition of news content. ”

Earlier today, leading Crossbencher Senator Jacqui Lambie tore Labor and Greens to support the code.

According to Rambi, the code that digital platforms have to pay for links to Australian news will make media organizations more dependent on the success of Google and Facebook.

Lambie argues that the money generated will simply move from one set of corporate giants to another.

“News Corporation and Nine shareholders will be pleased that their dividends are about to bloat behind Facebook and Google shareholders,” she told Congress.

Lambie said companies that want to advertise online will pay for the tech giants who pay for the news.

“This is a bipartisan shakedown brought about by the consensus of absolute stupidity.”

And she killed Greens’ proposal to ensure that the money that flowed from the code was spent on journalism.

She said taxes were the best way to send money to journalism, but argued that money shouldn’t go to media companies, but to journalism itself.

“If you need more money for journalism, tax the companies that make a lot of money and put that money into journalism support and then directly into journalism,” said Lambie. ..

“If you want Google and Facebook to pay more, let them pay more.”

The negotiating code is expected to pass the Senate this week with the support of Labor and Greens seeking some minor amendments.

Mr Lambie said the parties should be embarrassed about supporting the bill.

-Use AAP

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