‘Extremely dangerous’ to say ‘white kids’ responsible for historical events

According to CIS Jacinta Price, learning about indigenous history is as “important” as an event like the Coniston massacre of indigenous Australians, but for “white Australian” children at the event. Teaching responsibility is “dangerous”. “I all learned about the history of our country and that my family was affected by the Coniston massacre,” she told Sky News moderator Chris Kenny. “And my family commemorates the event and tells the descendants of those who participated in the killing of my family,” it seems to recognize that these were difficult times in our history. … but we allowed us to move forward’. “But we want everyone to know what happened … I think it’s important to teach them. I think, “But I teach ideology, teach children more, and if you’re a white Australian child, somehow you’re responsible for something like the Coniston slaughter. I don’t believe it is-it happened in my own family-it somehow you “must repent of your skin color sin. “I think this is a way to apply this indoctrination further, and it’s very dangerous.”

Place of origin‘Extremely dangerous’ to say ‘white kids’ responsible for historical events

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