Extinction Rebellion protest Brisbane: Sunrise reporter ‘bitten’ by ‘zombie’

This is a strange moment when a woman dressed as a zombie grabs a reporter, shakes it, and “bites” during a live television cross from Brisbane.

A Sunrise reporter was hit by a strange attack from a protester dressed as a zombie in Extinction Rebellion’s climate change protest group.

Queensland correspondent Bianca Stone grabbed her arm during the live cross, shook her, and approached from behind from a “bite” protester.

Stone overturned the group’s attention-grabbing protests outside the Capitol, where protesters dressed as zombies.

“What these people are trying to show is that they are future zombies returning to warn politicians about this climate change crisis,” Stone said in a constant zombie moan. ..

“They are calling for urgent action on climate change. This is the Extinction Rebellion Group.

I’ve seen a lot of people in the past say they’ll take more action here as another march is planned for March.

“This will be a peaceful protest, except for this zombie, who is now biting my arm.”

“Do you want to interview Zombie Bianca?” Asked sunrise Host Natalie Bar.

“Can I get a quote?” Mark Beretta has been added by the studio.

“I did my job,” said the zombie. “Climate change, anything.”

“Thank you, let’s move on. It was very strange,” Bar said.

Extinction Rebellion said in a statement that Brisbane protesters chased politicians around the gate, blocking and blocking the invasion of individuals and cars into the building, and “climate zombies” as they passed by. He said he had attacked.

“The horrifying behavior of zombies this morning [sic] And humans! They wrote last night.

“All state legislators on the first day of Congress in 2021 were given a fair warning about the future they are driving us and what we are planning to stop it!

“We have regained our future from businesses and fossil-fueled Congress and have done well to everyone who appears to hear about zombies. [sic] From the future – do nothing and come back to warn you if you put your hand on the fate of a corrupt system …

“Zombies broke through the parliamentary gates many times before being taken away by police and security forces. Zombies and people threatened to arrest people without allowing them by police instructions. I went out on the road.

“Police were seen pointing to someone who said,’I’ll just grab one of them.’Nonetheless, people occupied the intersection of Alice and George St. outside the Queensland Parliament for the Zombie-Apocalypse-Warning style. Thriller dance!

“The turmoil continued when Congressional sweepers were seen washing their brains and rotting the zombie meat left behind at 11:00 am.”

Extinction Rebellion protest Brisbane: Sunrise reporter ‘bitten’ by ‘zombie’ Source link Extinction Rebellion protest Brisbane: Sunrise reporter ‘bitten’ by ‘zombie’

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