Evan Rachel Wood names Marilyn Manson as the man she claims abused her

Actress Evan Rachel Wood named her alleged abuse Marilyn Manson in an Instagram post after talking about a previously unnamed attacker.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood finally named her alleged abuse Marilyn Manson after talking about a previously unnamed attacker.

“My abuser’s name is Brian Warner, also known to the world as Marilyn Manson,” Wood wrote on Instagram.

“He started grooming me when I was a teenager and abused me horribly for years. I was brainwashed and manipulated to submit. I was retaliation, slander, or blackmail. I’m afraid to end my life. I’m here to expose this dangerous man and evoke the many industries that made him possible before he ruined any more lives. Stands by the many victims who are no longer silent. “

At least four other women have also posted allegations against Manson, including sexual assault, psychological abuse, coercion, violence, and intimidation. They were Ashley Walters, model Sarah McNeely, model Ashley Morgan, and artist Gabriella.

Manson’s representative was not immediately available for comment, but Rockstar “resolutely denied” similar claims in the past.

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A long statement issued by his team in response to a question from Metal Hammer Last year, Manson was “remaining a friend” with Rose McGowan, the representative of Me Toe, and emphasized that “she has been talking very lovingly together for three and a half years.”

Manson’s ex-wife, Dita Von Teese, said she “continues to be a good friend” with him, and she said she avoided abusive episodes in the entertainment industry during her career.

“There are many articles over the years that Evan Rachel Wood has spoken very positively about his relationship with Manson,” the statement added.

Wood, 33, said earlier Rolling stone She met Manson at the age of 18, and he married Fonties at the age of 36.

In 2018, Westworld stars testified in front of the House of Representatives Judiciary Subcommittee as part of an effort to pass the Bill of Rights for Survivors of Sexual Assault. I woke up to life, a tough gas lamp and brainwashing, a man who claimed to love me, and raped what he believed to be my unconscious body. “

She testified the following year before California replaced the Phoenix Act, which extended the statute of limitations for reporting domestic violence from one to five years, as a senator.

She did not appoint a suspect in either case.

According to T, a police report was submitted to Manson in May 2018 for allegedly unspecified sex crimes in 2011.He is the Hollywood Reporter.

In August 2018, a law firm in the Los Angeles area announced that it would not pursue the proceedings because there was no supporting evidence.

Manson’s lawyer, Howard E. King, said Hollywood Reporter “The allegations made against the police have been categorically denied by Mr. Warner and are either completely delusional or part of a calculated attempt to generate publicity … sex at the time. Inappropriate or imprisonment claims, or other times are incorrect. “

In 2009, Manson told Spin that he and Wood sang about the period after breaking up on one of his records. “I say,’If you want to bottom out, don’t try to take me with you,'” he said.

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Manson said his lowest point was Christmas 2008. “My wall was covered with scribbled lyrics and a cocaine bag nailed to the wall,” he said. “And I had the experience of being alone, being abandoned, being betrayed with confidence in one person, and having a hard time mistaken for it as the wrong person.

“I made the mistake of desperately grasping it, saving it, and trying to own it. And every time I called her that day (I called 158 times), I got a razor blade. I took it and cut myself with my face and hands. “

He said it was “really stupid”, but he said “I wanted to show her the pain she gave me.”

He added that another song was about his fantasies: “I have a daily fantasy about breaking her skull with a hammer.”

After that, Manson’s PR team said: The fact that Evan and Manson were engaged six months after this interview shows that no one literally took the story. “

The statement added: “Unfortunately, we live in an era where people can believe what they read on the Internet and freely say what they want without real evidence. The impact can be devastating. It is completely irresponsible to promote non-factual information. What we can try as a media or individual is to use facts and truths, hiding behind gossip and speculation. It’s not about promoting your own agenda. “

Evan Rachel Wood names Marilyn Manson as the man she claims abused her Source link Evan Rachel Wood names Marilyn Manson as the man she claims abused her

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