Evacuation order for Gippsland residents

Due to the threat of the Flood, everyone in the Traralgon Creek area of ​​Gippsland, Victoria has been ordered to evacuate.

The Latrobe Valley area is the latest concern of paramedics during this week’s stormy weather, which killed two people.

A woman was found in a car on Friday in a flood off Madden Bridge Road in Glenfine, about 200km southwest of Melbourne.

Victorian police said she was believed to be a woman named Nina who went missing from nearby Simpson on Wednesday.

A report has been prepared for the coroner and death has not been treated as suspicious.

A man was found dead in a submerged car on Thursday afternoon in the Gippsland coastal town of Woodside.

More rainfall is expected overnight in most parts of the state, and authorities have issued warnings about public security, especially in Traralgon and Sale in Gippsland, and in Yalagren in the Yarra Mountains.

Anyone living, working or on vacation in the Traralgon Creek area is ordered to evacuate before nightfall. An emergency alert shortly after 5 pm said a flood could occur overnight in the town of Traralgon.

Traralgon Creek is expected to reach a “major” flood level of 4.8m by Saturday morning.

“We expect another 80-100mm of rain in the Traralgon catchment area from late today to overnight,” SES Chief Officer Tim Weebush said earlier on Friday.

According to urgent advice given to the Sale area just before 7 pm, the Thomson River at Sale Pier is rising at 2.4 m.

The South Gippsland Highway is currently closed between Sale and Longford.

According to the Meteorological Department, winds of up to 60 km / h passing through the area are dangerous driving conditions as the soil becomes saturated and already fragile trees can fall.

Local travelers are warned to watch out for mud, debris, damaged roads and bridges.

Residents along the Yarra River from Milgrove to Cold Stream are advised to evacuate as needed.

The front, which brought cold to much of the East Coast, struck Victoria on Wednesday night.

SES Victoria has more than 7,400 requests for assistance, of which about 5,800 are related to windthrows.

About 2500 of these requests have not been cleared yet.

As of mid-Friday afternoon, more than 100,000 homes were still out of power, and 100 roads, especially through the Dandenong Mountains, remained closed, Wiebusch said.

On Friday, strong wind warnings were also issued on Lake Gippsland and the eastern and central coasts of Gippsland.

People who are already in a safe place in Gippsland are required to remain in place for the next 24-48 hours, when most of the floods are expected to pass.

Authorities are urging locals not to go through the floods.

The two SES members were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after separate tree-related incidents.

Evacuation order for Gippsland residents Source link Evacuation order for Gippsland residents

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