EU To Propose Vaccine ‘Green Pass’

The European Commission will propose rules for the EU vaccine “Green Pass” this month as Brock is preparing to strengthen its Covid-19 vaccination drive, Chairman Ursula von der Reyen said Monday. ..

“This month we’re presenting a legislation for the Digital Green Pass,” she tweeted, explaining that it aims to provide evidence of both vaccination and Covid test results.

The pass will gradually allow people to “safely travel within the European Union or abroad for work or tourism,” she said.

Separately, at a meeting with MEP and MP in Germany, Von der Leyen said that EU executives would create a technical foundation for digital certificates “within the next few months” and the same information for all 27 member states. Said that it is based on.

Her Vice President, Margaritis Schinas, will submit the Commission’s bill to the European Parliament on 17 March at a press conference and then to EU leaders for adoption at a summit on 25 March. Said it would be submitted.

Vaccine certificates could be issued within three months after the EU video summit on the issue, Von der Leyen said last week, and the pass must comply with EU data protection standards. It was.

France and Germany believe that the idea of ​​a “vaccine passport” is premature, but vaccination is only available to a small part of the population.

The term “green pass” used by her is used in digital or paper documents proving that world vaccination champion Israel can be vaccinated and enter places of entertainment, sports and dining. It is the same as what you are doing.

However, in the EU there is still a great deal of debate about how such European green passes are used.

Tourism-dependent countries such as Greece and lobby groups of airlines hope that this document will act as a “vaccine passport”, allowing vaccinated people to avoid testing and quarantine while traveling. ..

However, most EU countries, led by France and Germany, consider this premature, but vaccination is only available to a small part of the population and all currently approved vaccines prevent Two injections are required for vaccination.

They are afraid to create a two-tiered society in which those inoculated enjoy an unlimited life and the majority continue to curtail their activities while waiting for their jabs.

Belgium’s Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes said in a tweet Monday, “For Belgium, there is no doubt that vaccination is linked to freedom of movement around Europe. Respect for the principle of indiscrimination is more than ever since vaccination. It’s basic to. ” Not obligatory, access to vaccines has not yet been generalized. “

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