EPA to quash approval on contaminated soil dumping

Christine Giles, EPA’s chief attorney, acknowledged in a letter that the EPA was not authorized to issue approval to Maddingley to receive project waste.

The environmental management plan submitted by Maddingley Brown Coal did not address all the issues stipulated in the new EPA regulations for managing tunneled soil, Giles wrote.

These regulations were quietly released by the EPA in the wake of the project’s tunneling scandal. This has led to regulatory criticism of trading off environmental protection to resolve protracted commercial disputes.

Giles said the EPA is now pleased that the plan submitted by Maddingley Brown Coal Pty Ltd (MBC) includes all the matters specified in Regulation 6 (2) (s). It formed the view that it was not open. ” Environmental protection (control of tunnel boring machine corruption) Rule 2020.

“As a result, the authorities will write to notify the client that they agree to the first order sought in the plaintiff’s Originalizing Motion Judicial Review dated October 29, 2020. That is, the authorities will write in their discretionary appeal. Determined by nature. “

This is great for schools and community environment groups that have carried out a vigorous campaign to prevent the soil of the toll road project from being sent to Madingley, 800 meters away from Bacchus Marsh Glamor and Parwan Creek through the landfill. It’s a victory. ..

Jodie Valpied, president of the Moorabool Environment Group, said the organization was happy with the results and asked Planning Minister Richard Wynne to withdraw the plan’s approval to send the soil for the project to Maddingley.

“By referring to the EPA’s approval decision, the minister dispelled concerns about human health and the environment,” she said.

“As EPA approval is no longer valid, we urge the Planning Minister to immediately withdraw his intervention and amendments to the Moulabourg planning scheme.

“We continue to emphasize that the Bacchus Marsh site is a totally unsuitable place for contaminated spoilage. This site contains PFAS-contaminated spoilage, including waterways, endangered species, and the immediate vicinity of dwellings. There are all risk factors that must not be processed or stored in the school, Victoria’s main food bowl. We will continue to fight any attempt to bring contaminated soil to Bacchus Marsh. “

The Moorabool Council is separately considering proceeding with a proceeding against Mr. Win’s approval of the plan that Maddingley will be a dump for the project’s soil.

Wynne also agreed to revise the Melton planning scheme to send some of the project’s soil to Cleanaway Ravenhall, but has not yet decided on the Hi-Quality of Bulla, the third applicant. Hmm.

The landfill plans to expand up to 100 hectares of land to utilize the project’s 3 million tonnes of soil. This is a task that completely absorbs the reserve landfill capacity in the state, creating even more urgent need.

Madingley plans to expand 100 hectares to accommodate the soil, high quality is 25 hectares, and Raven Hall’s clean away, the city’s largest tip, is considering expanding its 300 hectares by another 50 hectares. doing.

The boring activity of the Westgate Tunnel produces up to 11,000 tonnes per day, exceeding the current rate at which landfills can accept rocks and soil, up to 7,000 tonnes per day.

Timna Jacks is a transport reporter for The Age

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