Emerald Fennell Will Likely Make More “Poison Popcorn” Films

Emerald Fennell is celebrating Her first Oscar wins.. April 25, Promising young woman The leader won the Night Award for the best original script. It’s been over 13 years since the last woman (Diablo Cody) won the same category. Following the show’s celebration, Emerald stopped by the press room to tell journalists about her significant achievements, future projects, and yes, she got another Zack Morris mention there.

Emerald made one of the most impressive acceptance speeches of the night, even though he wasn’t prepared in the first place! She pays homage to her cast and her family, including her little son, Baby on the way..These screams were expected, but what surprised me was the nod of Mark Paul Gosseller. Saved by the bell A character who remembers Emerald thanking him as a “very supportive husband” in a fake speech when he was 10 years old. Twenty-five years later, Emerald was a little embarrassed to find out that her comment made Zack’s name popular on Twitter, but joked if he didn’t “situation” of her current pregnancy. please do not worry. They should “just give it a try”.

Emerald describes her film as a “poison popcorn” flick, a former concept Written in LA Times.. She explained in more detail after the award show and told reporters she hoped it would be a movie. I’ll talk about it with my friends, with my boyfriend, and later. ”

Emerald deliberately created “disgusting” plots with “very difficult and dark subjects”, even with its “shiny”, “feminine”, and “poppy” appearances. It seems that she has never seen the end of the “poison popcorn” genre. “Maybe that’s something I’ll do in the future,” she added in a statement.

Emerald Fennell Will Likely Make More “Poison Popcorn” Films Source link Emerald Fennell Will Likely Make More “Poison Popcorn” Films

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