Elton John reveals lockdown inspired fitness overhaul on podcast

“I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been,” says Elton John, as the legendary singer frankly reveals his motives behind overhauling his health.

Elton John has revealed that he has embarked on a lifestyle review during the blockade of the British coronavirus.

Speaking on a podcast of British footballer Troy DeeneyDeeney speaksThe singer declared that he was the healthiest ever after spending the past year focusing on getting into shape and staying healthy.

The 74-year-old star said, “During the blockade, I was really healthy. I walk in the pool and play tennis. I wanted to be on the other side, not overweight. When I returned to the tour, I felt that it would be the best fit I’ve ever had.

The· Rocketman At Windsor’s home, partner David Furnish and his two children and an isolated singer also talked about having diabetes. “I’m semi-diabetic. I’m a type B diabetics, so I have to keep an eye on what I eat.

“I’m probably the healthiest and most comfortable I’ve spent a long time. I really pedaled on metal. I walked in the pool and walked 42 miles to the side from the beginning of the year. . “

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Speaking on the podcast, John was frank and honest about his relationship to weight.

“I always had weight problems. I always had the image of physical awareness that I wasn’t very good, and I think it would take a long time for you to agree.” John added.

He also talked about his motives behind the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle.

“I have two kids who want to be together as much as possible. In that case, Elton should be together and do what he was told, and you’ll see the benefits,” he said. ..

After touring Australia and New Zealand in early 2020, John was forced to postpone the rest of the Fairwell Yellow Brick Road Tour due to coronavirus restrictions. The rest of the tour was rescheduled in late 2021/2022.

Elton also shared his thoughts on whether he would continue touring until his later years.

“I really can’t do any more … I did it all on this farewell tour,” he said.

“By the end of the tour, you will be 76. Your priorities have changed and do you really want to travel around the world? What are my kids, my husband, my life and my family? Is it more important? “

All the singer had to do was during his show in New Zealand early last year. I shortened his performance in the middle of the show.

A singer posted on social media at the time said, “Today I was diagnosed with gait pneumonia, but I decided to offer the best human show possible.

“I played and sang my heart until I couldn’t speak. I was disappointed, terribly upset, and sorry. I gave everything I had.”

Elton John reveals lockdown inspired fitness overhaul on podcast Source link Elton John reveals lockdown inspired fitness overhaul on podcast

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